JBoss 5.0 SEAM Web Services

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May 29, 2009, 8:28:56 AM5/29/09
Hi all,

We're working on getting a JBoss 5.0 Seam 2.1.2CR WebServices (SOAP)
project underway.
The Seam examples seambay works fine and demonstrates all the
technologies we're after fine.

However we're trying to migrate the example across to an Eclipse
environment. It has been a frustrating and tedious job.

We also purchased the latest JBoss Developer Studio and have found
that the basic Seam project (with associated options such as Web
Services enabled) works ok, but adding a webservice through the wizard
refuses to work due to what appears to be a known bug. Very

Anyone here got this project setup going? We've completed JBoss 4.2
Seam 1.2 and GWT going well, but we wish to get the latest versions
(along with Java 1.6) up and running.

We've also tried enunciate (quite neat) but it needs a working
underlying webservice.

As an aside, any ideas on the next MJBUG meeting?


Adam Crow
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