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Oct 21, 2010, 5:14:19 PM10/21/10
Here are three suggestions/questions re the 10/18 Draft Recommendations:

P 8 The third bullet from the bottom on the draft says that the design would allow "the streetlights and crash barriers to be combined into a single line." However, what we have referred to as "crash barriers" are between the sidewalk and the vehicles (wherever the bikes end up), and all of the graphics depict the streetlights as being on the fence/barrier between the roadway and the MBTA reservation. Accordingly, the language should be clarified to specifically state where the lights are intended to be.

P 18 The third bullet from the top refers to investigating the use of a crash barrier "narrower than 2 feet." The graphics, however, depict 1' 6" barriers. Thus it appears as though "2 feet" should be replaced with "1 foot 6 inches."

P 18 The full paragraph at the bottom of the page includes the statement "Many believe that addressing the restrictions created by Charles Circle would remove the queing issues on the bridge which create...." Although I am an optimistic person, neither I, nor I suspect any other task force member, really believes queing issues will end once the Charles Circle constraints are addressed. Thus I suggest amending that language to say "could help relieve the queing on the bridge which creates...."

That's it. Thanks to all for participating in what I think we all agree was a very instructive and productive process.


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