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Wendy Landman

Oct 27, 2010, 1:06:02 PM10/27/10
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Bill -

Thank you for the incredible effort you have made to capture the Task Force ideas. We have a few suggested clarifications to text. The underlined text shows our suggested additions.



Page 2 (and elsewhere) – Please correct WalkBoston’s name – there is no space between Walk and Boston… Thank you!


Page 5 , first bullet

…Alternatively, this may be relieved by the construction of appropriate connections to the Esplanade as described below.  Notwithstanding the possible construction of a new pedestrian/bike bridge to the Esplanade that also provides access to the Longfellow Bridge, some members felt strongly that reasonably wide sidewalks directly adjacent to the bridge roadway are necessary for pedestrian safety and ease of use. Many members acknowledged that, with wider pedestrian sidewalks, some younger or inexperienced cyclist may nonetheless ride on the sidewalks although cycle lanes are available.


Page 7, first bullet

• Adding walk signals and reducing the entrance width to the west bound entrance of Storrow Drive and tightening the turning radius at the entrance to the Longfellow Bridge from the ramp coming from Storrow Drive westbound.


Page 7, first full paragraph

…improvements to the Cambridge approach and Esplanade connections better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. Many Task Force members also feel that further conceptual design work is needed to explore options that provide a good sidewalk on the bridge itself and that discourage wrong-way bicycling (from Boston toward Cambridge) on the upstream Bridge sidewalk. Some members have expressed concern about …


Page 8, first full paragraph

In addition, while the Task Force is unanimously (consider replacing with largely) in favor of expanding the bridge, at least from the pinch point to Charles Circle in order to provide space for a comfortable sidewalk and safe bicycle accommodation (whether with a two-lane or three-lane vehicle release into Charles Circle), the members feel that it is vital that a full 4(f) and 106…


Page 10, text at top of page needs clarification

transition point/pinch points on the inbound side this would allow for the narrowest pinch point ?? of the sidewalk ?? to be wider than 5 feet


Page 16, 4th bullet

Task Force members differed as to which should be implemented first, and whether there should be a one-year test of one vehicle lane with a wide bicycle lane adjacent (available for emergency vehicles).





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