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Getting your guy to talk about serious matters sometimes can be like pulling teeth. However, there are several conversations that no matter what you should have or you should’ve had already with your guy if you’re serious. If you haven’t because you’re putting it off because you fear a detached response or one you don’t like, there are ways of going about these conversations without hitting a nerve. In fact, you can make these important conversations totally fun.

Here are some ways to touch base on important conversations you should have already had with your guy:

#1. The Lifestyle Conversation:

Instead of asking him, “What are your plans for the future?” ask him “What’s your favorite city?” This will have him chit chatting in no time, because everyone like to talk about and day dream about their dream city. If he tells you his favorite city is “Las Vegas” most likely your dude is not really thinking of the future as far as the relationship goes. He’s thinking about partying.

#2. Conversation On How Committed He Is:

Getting to find out how he truly and deeply feels about you might be really tricky. However, you don’t want to put him on the spot because he’ll just end up telling you the things you want to hear and not what he really feels. Instead, you should point out something you’d like him to change. If he adjusts, then this clearly means that he’s willing to make changes/sacrifices if it means keeping you happy.

#3. The Conversation About Having Children:

Yes, this a tough one, but there’s a way around all these stressful topics. Get him to tell you about when he was a boy. ask him what it was like for him at school, if he behaved good at home, if he was grounded often, etc. Getting your guy to reminisce about his childhood might lead him to tell you how he feels about having children of his own. If he has fond childhood memories, he’ll most likely be looking forward to being a parent. If his memories are mainly negative, it doesn’t mean he does want to be a dad, but he’s just not as excited.

#4. The Conversation About Money:

Sadly money is one of the main reasons married couples fight about and often even end up divorcing. Unfortunately, you have to talk about the doe. You need to determine if you guys have similar spending habits. Tell him that you’re having a difficult time budgeting your cash. Guys love to help and according to the advice he offers you’ll be able to see if you guys have the same stance on spending or not. The important thing is to know. Once you know then you can work from there.

The fact of the matter is that all these conversations are crucial to have with your guy, especially if you’re in a committed relationship. Some of these subjects may seem stupid or irrelevant at the time. But if you’re in it for the long hall, eventually they’ll be relevant so why not have a discussion about them, especially when you can bring them up in a very subtle way which allows you a glimpse to what he’s thinking and what he might want for the future.

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