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Last Days Pastors

Nov 14, 2007, 12:18:34 PM11/14/07
to Last Days Pastors Forum
The are instructions on the purpose of this forum. I ask thatyou
follow them. When you don't I will either edit it and post it in a new
entry or I will delete it.

Primary instruction are never ask for donations and never advertise
your mintry's servives. You can leave your email and your website but
only aan address. All focus in this forum is how to help pastors
around the world reach the Lost for Christ.

Your personal testimony as long as yuor testimony is not about
detailing your churches service and functions. These pages are not
about your church or ministry. It is about you and what you learned
from God and how you apply it. Work you find does not work and what
you find that does work.

So don't be surprized if you come back to see your post and 90% of it
is gone or it is not here. At first it may seem frustrating but I have
a specific purpose for this page and it in not about ways to get you
money or outside help coming to you in the form of guest speakers of
materiels. I don't want to know about every function in your church.

This site is to Glorify God not your church. I praise God for your
church and your good works, but you have your own website and you can
go into all the detail you want on that. If a reader likes what you
say they may click on your homepage link there your have them allto
your self to say anything you put on your own website. The exception
is if your webisite realy goes out in left field concerning the
Stables ministries general structure.

So post entries on the LAST DAYS. How you are seeing the need to begin
switching from the past 2000 years of church to these times when
Jesus will soon return.

This is not to be a diary of your church activies. You in this
Pastors' Forum have become ministers to all the pastors in the world.
Your church though very important is not going to be uplifted onto a
pedestal. Suddenly NOW you are a one person minister trying to reach
pastors all over the world how you can help each other in reaching the
Lost with the experience and gifts in the spirit God gave you.

I am not trying to offend you or lesson your needs, but I am tryiing
to get you to look outside your box. Whether you see it or not right
now something big is about to happen. I know often yuor church is
everything to you, but to almost 7 billion people it will never be
known, but you can tell your experiences and influence other pastors
and thereby reaching a good part of that 7 billion people after all.

Please Please do not advertise your church or ask for money in any of
your entries here.

God Bless you in Christ Jesus

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