LLSC AGM 21/22 Minutes

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Ben Johnson

Mar 4, 2022, 9:46:42 AM3/4/22
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Chairman Ben Johnson

  • Ben Welcomed 13 attendees onto the zoom meeting.

  • Minutes from 2021 were approved

  • Committee rolls were renewed with no changes from previous year.

  • Sites : land access / airspace is our shared responsibility as pilots to deal with landowners and members of the public in a positive manner and with respect.

  • Whenever we plan to go flying, please post an Airspace (CANP) for ANY possible flying sites you plan to go too. The more notice you give, the more effective the notice becomes to OTHER air users.

  • BGA are trialing masts to broadcast flarm

  • Low club activity/member engagement for club events

  • New Telegram group for social/beer nights

  • In hope of more flying in 2022 than previous years 

Forestry/SHPF Alastair Bowman 

  • £74k  paid so far and climbing

  • Work going well

  • Completion end of March

  • Slower due to current issues

  • Farmer happy and being kept in the loop

  • Plans to keep the forestry going as recurring “crop” to be taken every 10 years or so

  • No plans to buy more land (Angus asked if we plan to buy more land)

  • Hills being bought for forestry- land prices are rising

  • New register of  Controlling Interests in land, which comes into effect 1st April 2022

  • Scottish government is introducing the “Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land (“RCI”)” making landowner registers potentially more complicated

  • Need to notify these guys of any committee roll changes

  • Applies to trustees also 



Treasurer - Ian Kennedy (accounts were approved)



OPENING BALANCE            5971



Membership                  240

SHPF                      100

Events                      249

Forestry VAT refund              273

              INCOME TOTAL        862


Tinto farms                      1185

Christmas Scotch                    148

SHPF    annual subscription                395

Weather stations and windsocks              51

Events                            341

Loan to forestry fund                  3000

Others                            202                                    


                       TOTAL        5322

Net Balance this year                     -4660




Opening Balance            5971       

Income                  862

Expenditure                5322

Current Bank Balance        1511

Cash                          0

CLOSING BALANCE              £1511

NOTE £5641 will be recovered from the proceeds of Forestry work in 2022  to cover the loan needed to advance the current felling works and various projects that should have been financed from forestry in previous years


Recovery from Forestry account

Largest expenditure in the year is for the goodwill payments to the farmers at Tinto £1180

Membership was rolled over from 2020 so income under that heading is for new members only.

We made a few £ profit on the Tinto bbq and Nats after taking the SHPF support payment into account.

Subs can remain at £20 to cover basic annual ongoing cost

MEMBERSHIP 2021 - Ian Kennedy

We had 80 members by the end of the year.

The highest membership in my tenure as Treasurer is 92 in 2015.

The lowest record I have found is 30 back in 2008.

As of today we have 57 so far for 2022.

As an aside in 2019 our members flew on average 23 hours each.


Secretary - NA

  • No nominations. No volunteers

Sites (Kevin Mcgrath)

  • Glasgow airspace

  • Open up sites in greenock area if airspace changes go ahead

  • Przemek discussing moving the Tinto talker to holgate hill in the hope it will give better readings.

  • Notices to be put up for Tinto gate to stop folk leaving gate open

  • Wind turbine project in progress to counter project

  • Wind turbines make flying an issue for us due to concerns of lee side wake and if flying over wind turbine site, lack of landing options.

  • Abington shut due to Famer turbulence with non club pilots. Please contact Peter Shields ONLY to discuss this further.

  • Lots of flying sites under threat of future development with wind turbines

Przemek added the below

  • 8giga gigawatts onshore wind to be added from the Scottish government as their target.

  • Plans to add many turbine projects to achieve this.

  • Flying Sites and related information on the internet need updating however, data from many sources feed this so trying to change it is an undefined quantity.

  • Alastair sitting in on days for the airport to discuss airspace changes and how this could impact our flying sites, possibly for the better.

  • Record flight of 136k hang glider from moorfoots Mike Armstrong

Safety Chris Sangwin

  • Re-pack short notice but went well

  • If anyone missed the event, small events can be arranged, on demand

  • Agree Jan date for 2023 and coordinate with SHPF re-pack event

  • Was the fee a reason for low attendance? Probably not and free events have lower attendance in general.

  • No zip wire at Ratho due to new bouldering towers. Outdoor zipwire is not a good idea: wet, wind damage and so on with expensive optimised reserves.

  • Try Glasgow climbimg centre for zip wire?

  • Spring is comming, be safe! Lack of currency in strong thermic conditions. Some on new equipment. 

Website Mark Bradley

  • Good for booking re-pack

  • Web cam “database” to be thought about on the web site

  • Xc league has the write up facility to supplement the "flight report" on the web site.

  • Anyone suggestions for the web welcome.


Chief Coach Fred Robinson

  • Apologies unable to attend the AGM.

  • Nothing to report.

  • New pilots engaging with our community and getting out flying where possible.


HG Liaison NA

Club Nights Mike Jardine

  • One club night so far

  • Low attendance

  • Topics lined up but little time to spend on organising club nights

  • Hybrid attempt with meeting in March

  • Steve to speak about SIV and Przemek to speak about weather

  • Hay market could be a good venue

  • Any suggestions for club nights and how to boost attendance welcome.

Powered Paragliding Bruce Barrack

  • Nothing to report


Committee member/s

  • David Thomson


NON Committee Members

Neil Craig - Trophies & BBQ


Funds available (Me)

  • The LLSC has gained funds from the forestry at Tinto which we are making available to help improve Scottish Paragliding.

  • Any suggestions will require a proposal to be submitted to the Committee for consideration.

  • Any proposal must contain how the fundees will implement the proposal along with details of the project, timeframe etc.


  • Neil Craig

  • Wiston Campsite 25th / 26th June 22


  1. Nats / BBQ

    1. Kenny Cooper

    2. Winner of tasks set during the weekend

  1. Chairman's Trophy

    1. Kevin McGrath

    2. Exceptional job of site officer 

    3. Holfly WIind talker project

    4. Airspace agreements and ATC liaison

    5. Putting forward a case against Wind Farm plans

  1. Distance record (from a Tinto site)

    1. Iain Kennedy

    2. 28km flight from Tinto South on the 1st of June 2021


Angus added a reminder of the CAA conspicuity device grant ending at the end of March.

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