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Muhammad Kashif

Feb 21, 2024, 2:14:42 PMFeb 21
I'm a new user of TRNSYS and I'm currently simulating a greenhouse with plants inside. I'm encountering an issue while trying to incorporate polycarbonate material into my simulation. The entire greenhouse is constructed with polycarbonate, but I'm unable to find polycarbonate material in the built-in window library. I've downloaded Window 7.4 software (UC Berkeley) and calculated some values, but I'm unsure how to import these values into the Type 56 window library. When I save the file, it saves in .ldb format (WINDOW 7.4), but I believe it needs to be in .lib format to be compatible with the Type 56 window library. Could you please provide guidance on how to import and then export into Type 56 or suggest any other alternatives?


Robin Mitchell

Feb 21, 2024, 2:36:54 PMFeb 21
to Muhammad Kashif, THERM

I found this tutorial (PDF) about how to make the Type 56 Library. It's old, using WINDOW 5, but the basic steps still apply to WINDOW 7 as making glazing systems and windows has remained pretty much the same. 

Basically, you need to generate a DOE-2 report from the window library, and then get the information from that report into the format for the Type 56 window library. 

The WINDOW 7 User Manual, found on the WINDOW documentation page, has information about the format of the DOE-2 report on page 7-25

Here is a direct link to the manual


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Robin Mitchell
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Muhammad Kashif

Feb 22, 2024, 1:49:29 PMFeb 22
Thank you for your providing me the with the relevant information!

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