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George Siemens

Jan 19, 2011, 9:48:29 PM1/19/11
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Do you have an organizational strategy for how your university/company uses data to assist in improving learning or knowledge growth? On our elluminate session yesterday, I think we only had about 1 out of 50 say they had such a strategy. I've started a discussion thread on the topic of:
1. What should an organizational data strategy include?
2. What types of skills/people should be represented on a data/analytics team?
Jump in with your thoughts: http://bit.ly/g6Ob8p

Big data is a bit of a buzzword...but it's a buzzword with lots of traction (and with substance and research that goes back to the days of McNamara at Ford Motor Co.) . Here's a decent article introducing big data as value generator in corporate settings: http://bit.ly/fXxaPi . There is lots to criticize with this use of data - people aren't artifacts. However, seeing what's currently being done with data is helpful in understanding what should be done in the future.

Additional resources:

From Homo Comptens blog: Week 2 reflections: http://bit.ly/hcl2zq
From David Jones: Differences between utopian and dystopian visions: http://bit.ly/fQ8V6f

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