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Nov 30, 2021, 6:57:56 AM11/30/21
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It's time to pick what Neighborhood Safety Projects the Highlands asks the city to fund. If you want to help pick, please fill out the form below by this Thursday, December 2nd! I'll use the votes, and the program criteria, to write up grant proposals and submit them to the city.

(Sorry for the tight deadline, I'll try to get this out earlier next year.)

If you have an idea that's not on the list below, you can submit it at and it will be on next year's list.

--Matthew, on behalf of the Highlands Neighborhood Association
Kirkland Highlands 2021 Safety Project
Which Neighborhood Safety projects should we ask the city to fund for 2021? Kirkland's Neighborhood Safety Program seeks to "to identify, prioritize and address pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Kirkland neighborhoods."

The following ideas for Highlands were submitted by the public.

111th Ave NE to CKC Stairs: We need a small set of stairs from the Cross-Kirkland Corridor onto the 300-yard trail that parallels the CKC from the parking area at the foot of 111th Ave.. NE. Walkers from the massive Preserve at Forbes Creek who want to walk on this trail now have to climb up a steep and slippery bicycle chute that is 105 yards from the concrete barriers that prevent cars that have traveled down 111th Ave. NE from accessing the path. I have seen some senior citizens almost fall as they try to climb the bicycle chute from the CKC to the path. There is also the possibility of a bike-pedestrian collision. The trail paralleling the CKC is wonderful for walkers with young children or dogs and the city is doing a fine job of maintaining it. A small set of stairs is all that is needed. Thank you.

116th & 95th Crosswalk: Address is the intersection of 116th Ave NE & NE 95th St in the Kirkland Highlands. A crosswalk in this location would make it much safer to cross this part of the road, especially during the Fall & Winter when there are more hours of darkness. It's a pedestrian heavy intersection that would benefit from a crosswalk (one with a flashing light would be ideal, but even just a painted one would be helpful & improve the safety of the residents in the neighborhood) -- many children take this route to walk to school & it would improve their safety & visibility. I also see many older individuals walking across this part of the road & a crosswalk would help drivers to slow down, especially because there is a curved road very close to this intersection which limits visibility of pedestrians.

NE 103rd Paths: Install a pedestrian path from NE 103rd st to Highlands Park or the end of 112th ave ne. Also, connect a pedestrian path from NE 104th st to the either the dead end of NE 103rd st.

116th Sidewalks: Complete sidewalks on the West side of 116th Ave NE

116th Speed Signals: Install digital speed signal both ways on 116th Ave NE. This is the top of the hill and drivers in both directions are ALWAYS above 25mph.

112th & 87th Crosswalk: Request for crosswalk across 112th Ave NE on the north side of NE 87th St. to connect to the CKC. This crossing feels exposed for pedestrians. This could be a potential NSP project if more than just paint is needed.
    11th Ave NE to CKC Stairs
    116th & 95th Crosswalk
    NE 103rd Paths
    116th Sidewalks
    116th Speed Signals
    112th & 87th Crosswalk
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