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K. A. Laity

Oct 7, 2011, 6:57:10 AM10/7/11
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Hello all --

Sorry for the delay in the news that may be obvious to most of you:
that I'm in Galway now. Hurrah! I am so pleased to be here and very
grateful to the Fulbright Foundation for giving me this opportunity. I
will be seeing as much as I can manage while I'm here and hatching all
kinds of schemes as befits an überskiver like me.

I'm also glad to make some announcements. I've signed a contract for
OWL STRETCHING my next novel with Immanion Press, which will come out
in 2012. I know -- so far away! But you will enjoy my alt history/
science fiction/urban fantasy retelling of the Descent of Innana (or
surely be intrigued by that description, eh?). I hope I get another
cover as gorgeous as PELZMANTEL's.

A little sooner I will have IT'S A CURSE which will be the 7th book in
Paul D. Brazill's DRUNK ON THE MOON series. Great fun to write a noir
crime novelette with a werewolf PI, Roman Dalton. If you haven't
checked out the series, I highly recommend it. Paul is mordantly funny
and the stories are wonderful. My story involves Roman getting caught
between a well-meaning do-good woman and a missing socialite.

I should also mention, after some technical problems in the midst of
moving to Ireland (oh, don't ask!) I am finally rebuilding the website
[] over on Wordpress. Feel free to offer suggestions
about what should go and what should stay. I'm starting off with just
migrating pages, but the look is so different, I will have to be
tinkering with it for a while. I will miss Kali, but I think it's time
for a new face so to speak. For the time being, the blog will remain
at but I'm considering moving it as well.

Thanks for your support, everyone. You can leave this group any time
by following the information below, if you tire of my blathering. If
you want more, be sure to follow me on Twitter or friend me on


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