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Feb 21, 2014, 7:15:40 AM2/21/14

Hi everyone,

I'm sure nearly everyone reading this is tired of winter! Here in Dawlish, Devon, it's a lovely spring day, but if you've heard any news from England in the past few weeks you'll know we've been slammed by storms, one of which destroyed a length of train track that runs along the coast here. It's supposed to be one of the most scenic train rides in Britain, but at the moment it's the most broken, and it's the main line down to south Devon and Cornwall from the rest of the country. Very sad, and it won't be open again until Easter.

You can see a picture here.

Don't worry. We don't live near there. We're up on a hill. I posted some extra pictures on my Facebook author page, so if you're on Facebook, visit

Remember to "like" it so you'll see my messages in your stream.

I hope nothing quite so dramatic has been happening where you are.

Dragons? Perhaps you remember the anthology, Dragon Lovers. Now my story, The Dragon and the Princess, is available as a stand-alone e-novella. This isn't a historical romance. It's Jo going over to the wild side, or rather, to fairytale land. You know, turreted castles, knights in shining armor, princesses in flowing veils, and maybe a dragon.

The country of Saragon has an uneasy truce with neighboring Dorn which lasts because  the royal family's blood is important to the dragons of Dorn. The youngest fertile daughter of the royal house is the SVP -- the Sacrificial Virgin Princess -- and must be ready to sacrifice for the cause. Rozlinda is the current SVP, but she can't wait for a dragon to come. After all, she'll only have to sacrifice a cup of blood and then at last, at long last, she'll no longer need to be V. She even has the man picked out -- the captain of her KISA guard. But when a dragon flies in from Dorn, things don't go quite as expected.

You can read chapter one here.

And see some captioned dragon pictures here.

Very soon my story from Chalice of Roses will be available as an e-novella. The Raven and the Rose is a medieval historical romance with a magical twist. You can read more here.

Saving the best for last! The new book is nearly here. A Shocking Delight will be published on April 1st, You can read more here, and there's a link to an excerpt. Of course there'll be more from me closer to the time.

If you do intend to buy the book on line, it will help me if you pre-order it. Thanks!

Internet treats.

Not quite internet, but this book is delightful, even if only as an armchair traveler. One of my Facebook readers had the excellent idea of reading it with google maps on screen. You can even use street view to see what the book describes.

Walks Through Regency London, previously only available as a paperback, is now on Kindle at a bargain £1.87. Slightly revised and with 20 illustrations from original prints. 10 walks (and different routes to walking Jane Austen's London)

Here's a You Tube video of a re-enactment of a medieval melee. Has all the roughness of the real thing!

If you've read this far you have a chance of a prize! E-mail me at with this message. "I'm ready to be delighted."

You'll be entered into a draw for two free early-release copies of A Shocking Delight. The two names will be drawn on the evening of Sunday 23rd of February. Don't pass this on to others because the winner will have to have been subscribed to this newsletter when it goes out.

All best wishes,


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