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Mar 15, 2014, 10:13:48 AM3/15/14

Hi, lots of news here.

The Contest.

Thank you to everyone who entered the "I'm ready to be delighted" contest. The winners of the two early copies of the book were LouAnne Perry and Kathy Moir. Congratulations LouAnne and Kathy. I hope you've enjoyed A Shocking Delight.

Remember, everyone, the book will be out on April 1st, but you can order a copy now from your chosen bookseller. Romantic Times has made Lucy and David a Top Pick for April, and other excellent reviews are coming in.

Dragon's Cove and Church Wyvern.

I based the Devon location for A Shocking Delight and The Dragon's Bride on the village of Beer, and I've put a selection of pictures up on Pinterest, here.

There are general pictures relevant to the book here.

Cheap Rogue # 1.

It's almost St. Patrick's day, and as I'm almost 100% Irish in my ancestry, it's only right to celebrate it, so the e-edition of my Irish book, Dangerous Joy, will be only 99c from March 15th to 18th for Nook and Kindle. Please share the word.

If you missed the story of Miles Cavanagh, the Irish Rogue, Miles only wants to take his prime horses to Melton Mowbray and join his friends for the hunting, but now he's unwilling guardian to a twenty-year-old hellion intent on marrying a despicable man. Felicity Monaghan will give no quarter in her battle. You can read an excerpt here. 

The Raven and the Rose.

I mentioned in the last newsletter that The Dragon and the Princess was out as an e-book. This month, we have The Raven and the Rose, which first appeared in Chalice of Roses. I got to play in the middle ages with this one as well as weave in some fantasy, in this case the Holy Grail. If you missed this when it came out in the anthology, you can read an excerpt here and buy it on the 18th March.

Here's the link to the Kindle US edition.

The whole anthology is still available in print.

What about the free Rogue? 

First another cheap one. 'm sure you've all read The Dragon's Bride -- the sequel in a way to A Shocking Delight -- but the e-book will be reduced to $2.99 on the 26th of March for a short period, so spread the word.

Now the free Rogue. 

On the 28th of March, the e-edition of the first Rogues book, An Arranged Marriage, will briefly be free for the Nook. It's likely that Amazon will match it for the Kindle. This will be a great opportunity to introduce a friend to the Company of Rogues.

Other tid-bits.

On Friday I put up a blog on the Word Wenches about places the Wenches have visited which have inspired books. You can read it here.

In addition, I turned the pictures into a short video you might enjoy.

Speaking of pictures, explore old London here.

And/or explore in on a map.

Now I'm off to explore the seeds I ordered on line which have just arrived. Spring is definitely here! 







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