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Happy holidays, and best wishes for 2015.

If you'd like to read this newsletter with images, including me as Mona Lisa, it's on line here. http://www.jobev.com/news1214.html

We've turned the solstice, so in the northern hemisphere the days are beginning to get longer. I'm someone who needs sunlight, so this is a cause for celebration even if the weather is actually getting colder here in Devon. 

What am I doing? Some of the time I'm indulging in my Christmas amusement of genealogy. I haven't found out much of interest this year, but I sent for the death certificate of  my husband's great-grandfather, who died at aged 30. With such a young age of death I expected an industrial accident, but he died of pneumonia in the local workhouse. That raises more questions than it answers. It was a time of high unemployment. Were the whole family in the workhouse? His wife Margaret was left with a nine year old and a one year old and moved in with her parents, so why didn't they live with them earlier? Did her parents not get on with her husband, or was Francis taken to the workhouse hospital when he was ill? You can see that I'm always trying to find out the story behind the names.

On the work side, I'm reading through the page proofs of the April book, Too Dangerous for a Lady. This is another Rogues world book and the heroine is Lady Hermione Merryhew, sister of Rogue Roger Merryhew, a soldier who died before the Company of 
Rogues series began in 1814. 

If you need to brush up on the members of the Rogues you can read here. http://www.jobev.com/rogues.html. You can also watch the updated video about the Company of Rogues.

Hermione is traveling with her family to the deathbed of a relative in hope of inheriting his fortune. She and her sister are the daughters of a marquess, but he was the Poor Marquess. A frantic sister and disgruntled nephews are making the journey a trial. The last thing she needs is a thief seeking refuge in her inn room -- especially when he turns out to be the man who almost stole a kiss from her at her first ball, and who did steal a little of her heart.

Six years ago Lieutenant Thayne had been a soldier hero about to go to war. How can he have sunk to be a scruffy thief, hiding from vengeful victims? Hermione's adventures take her to London, where she's surprised to encounter men who seem to feel a right to meddle in her affairs. In fact she doesn't care for it at all! You can see the cover here.

What am I writing now? The Viscount Needs a Wife. In Hermione's story you'll meet Beau Braydon, ex-officer and elegant gentleman who's reaction to inheriting a viscountcy is pure dismay, especially when he discovers he's inherited his predecessor's spoiled daughters and impossible mother. Clearly what he needs is a wife to deal with it all, bun perhaps his hasty choice isn't wise. 

As you know, the early Rogues books are now readily available in print and e-book. In addition the medieval, The Shattered Rose has now been reissued. You can find all the details here. http://www.jobev.com/tsrexc.html

This is my most medieval medieval and deals with some weighty issues. Romantic Times wrote, ""This powerful, thought-provoking romance is sure to win her new devotees will keep you turning the pages until the satisfying conclusion." If you haven't yet read it, now's your chance.

Now for some on line diversions.
I recently came upon this fun portrait function from Sky TV. You can easily create a portrait of yourself or others in the style of some famous artists.

If you're a Downton Abbey fan, have you seen the Christmas Spoof?. It's very well done and you get George Clooney as a bonus. http://tinyurl.com/l4w9qhp

If you're not stuffed with Christmas yet, you could have a go at Anne Gracie's Christmas Regency Quiz. http://bit.ly/1zaSMg9  and check out this video of Christmas romances. http://smarturl.it/vw-2014XmasList

All best wishes,

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