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I'm sure you've all read An Unwilling Bride, but I wanted to let you know that the e-book edition available for a short time for 99c in the US and Canada. For reasons best known to Amazon it's higher in the UK at £1.53 (the VAT will be part of that) but that's still a good discount on the price. As best I can tell it's the same low price for Nook and iTunes. If you're gathering your collection of the Company of Rogues on your e-reader, get it now! An Arranged Marriage is also at the promotional price of .99c and it has a lovely new cover.

I've published the e-editions of the early Rogues books myself, but I couldn't find the right art for AM. When I came across a much better image recently, I grabbed the chance. You can see the cover history here. I still prefer the original cover, but my cover artist as I did our best to come close to it. You can see the various covers here.

A new e-book.

The next bit of news is that finally my medieval, The Shattered Rose, is available again. It's out as an e-book now and a print reissue will be available next month. This means that all my novels are now available as e-books. If you've forgotten about this one you can read an excerpt here. http://www.jobev.com/tsrexc.html  If you want to buy it for your e-reader, there are links here.

What's coming next?

As you know I'm only writing one new book a year, though I squeeze in one or more small projects. This year's work is Too Dangerous for a Lady, which will be out next April. Some of my readers were curious about the families of the dead Rogues, so I went to find them. Lady Hermione Merryhew isn't in dire straits, but she and her married sister could certainly use an inheritance from their black sheep great uncle. When they're summoned to his death bed they make haste across England, but on a night in an inn a fugitive slips into Hermione's bedchamber, and thus begin the adventures that are indeed too dangerous for a lady, but which lead to love.

I'm also working on a story for another Word Wenches Christmas anthology. THE LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS BALL.
That will be out next Christmas.

I'm writing a new novella about Faery's interaction with Georgian England which I'll e-publish early next year, both alone and in a boxed set with my two other Faery stories -- The Lord of Elphindale, which was in Faery Magic, and The Marrying Maid, which was in Songs of Love and Death. I'll let you know when it's available.


I'm enjoying making animoto videos. I have a new one about the Company of Rogues. It's  on my web site but you can click here to see it. https://animoto.com/play/u1qRbSkOyvF3O18RJX0HAw

There's also one of many of my covers set to a lovely song called The Old Fashioned Way.

I steered a group of historical romance writers in making a video to show the exciting variety available today in historical romance. You can watch that here. https://animoto.com/play/oNdh1lgkmQGwC2AI3td9kQ Yes, the soundtrack is a bit startling, but we wanted to convey that historical romance is for today. :)

If you enjoy any of these, please share them on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social media site. Of course if you're on Facebook or Twitter you can follow me. 
For twitter, check out @jobeverley

Internet treats.
Most people can listen to BBC programmes on the internet, and there are some good ones available now.
If you'd like to enjoy something the Mallorens might have been reading check out this dramatization of The Castle of Otranto, a gothic novel written in the 1760s. It is over-the-top, and the production makes the most of that. Lots of fun.

More toward the Regency, we have another gothic novel, The Mysteries of Utranto. The differences are interesting.

For something completely different, you might enjoy listening to a recording from over a 100 years ago.

And don't forget, if you missed my Christmas collection last year, it's still available.

All best wishes,

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