httpd.js syntax error on mac

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bryan rasmussen

Mar 24, 2013, 8:57:12 AM3/24/13

I am trying to port a an application over to mac that I haven't worked
with in a long time (the app) anyway have been getting lots of syntax
errors which I thought were related to windows linefeeds but I changed
over to Mac line endings and that didn't work, I finally had to remove
all line feeds in my code and then things were working.

Anyway one problematic file is httpd.js which I depend on. I
downloaded the mac version of jsdb but when I open httpd.js in my
editor, sublimetext it says the line endings are Windows. If I change
to mac line endings and save and run it with
./jsdb httpd.js I get
-bash:./jsdb httpd.js
httpd.js:556 )
httpd.js:556 ^
httpd.js:556 SyntaxError: syntax error
Execution error in httpd.js.

I am supposing I can't just get rid of all linefeed characters in here
as that would anyway break the script, but I am wondering if anyone
knows what and why this is broken=?

Bryan Rasmussen

Shanti Rao

Mar 25, 2013, 12:08:24 PM3/25/13
Hi Bryan,

It's a linefeed thing. I don't know why -- JSDB is supposed to convert
\r\n to \n on any platform.

Save it with Unix (not Mac) linefeeds, and it'll work. Sorry about that.

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