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Mar 28, 2005, 9:37:31 PM3/28/05
Fellow CSC408 Students,

Thanks for joining the JCVSReport list! I'll be sending copies of all
the useful mail I send out regarding JCVSReport to this list, so you'll
have a chance to read all of the JCVSReport-related information in one

I've posted a list of all the changes to JCVSReport since Mar. 15 to
the CSC408 bulletin board. You can download it from:

Here are instructions on how you can apply this patch to your local
repository (these are the same as the ones I posted to the bulletin
1. Checkout JCVSReport from your local repository.
2. Download this patch:
3. Type patch -f -p0 < JCVSReport-Mar15to28.patch from your checked out
directory. You will probably get some warning messages warning you that
the some of the patches have already been applied, but this is OK.
4. Patch should have applied all my changes. Look over the changes
using cvs diff and if you are happy with them, commit the changes to
your local repository.



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