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David James

Apr 2, 2005, 10:42:52 AM4/2/05
to, Brian Deng
On Apr 2, 2005 8:58 AM, Brian Deng <> wrote:
> I am a member of team 17 in csc408 who choose JCVSReport as phaseD.
> In your install.pdf, it says that we can use the provided shell script to
> run the classes in dest folder while I cannot see any shell file in dest folder.
> What I can find is the JCVSReport shell script which runs with
> lib/JCVSReport.jar.
> But, it does not recompile the JCVSReport.jar after typing "ant" ^_^
> Could you tell how to rebuild the jar file. Thank you very much~~
Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing. Hope your project is going well.

Do you have the latest version of JCVSReport (as posted on the
bulletin board)? If so, the JCVSReport shell script should look like
java -cp "dest:src:lib/JCVSReport.jar"
ca.utoronto.JCVSReport.Presentation $*

As you can see, the "dest" and the "src" directories are included in
the classpath before JCVSReport.jar. So if you recompile your program
using 'ant', then the shell script should favour the compiled class
files inside 'dest' over the files inside the JAR.

If you still want to rebuild the JAR file, you can do so using the
Eclipse Fat JAR plugin (as posted to the 'Software Tools' section of
the bulletin board).

Hope this helps!



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