Seeking public opinions for change Japanese copyright law--important!

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Good, Hiro

Mar 22, 2017, 1:22:38 PM3/22/17
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***Apology for cross posting***


You may already received emails about this survey but I would like to send you following good instruction created by Adam  H. Lisbon of University of Colorado Boulder for posting your opinion to change Japanese copyright law. Please spread the words.


Thank you,



Hiroyuki Nagahashi Good
Japanese Studies Librarian
University of Pittsburgh

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Dear CJK Colleagues;


Please consider voicing your opinion to have Japanese copyright law changed to allow overseas institutions to also have full access the National Diet Library of Japan’s Digital Collections. This email quickly explains the issue and will provide a visual guide on how to fill out the opinion form for non-Japanese speakers. Because this email is graphics heavy, a PDF is attached with the same set of instructions.


What’s the issue:

·         The Japanese government, through The Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan seeking international reaction to a report related to copyright law and access to research materials. The full report can be accessed here (Japanese only).

The Key Point:

·         Only “registered libraries” can access this service, but it is not available to non-Japanese (overseas) institutions. The Japanese government is considering changing the law above to allow non-Japanese institutions access to the full digital collections. (details here, also Japanese only)

What you need to do:

·         Fill out the opinion form. Yes, it is in Japanese, but you still fill it out in English.


Voice your opinion

Follow this link to start (use chrome or internet explorer, Firefox has problems opening the form correctly. Also, you may need to temporarily disable ad blocking software)

AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW to fill the form out correctly.


Click the grey box on the page to go to the opinion survey.



These sections explained in green text are optional, but I have broken it down if you want to provide extra details, otherwise jump down to the section explained in ORANGE text.


Demographic Information (Optional):


Postal code: This only accepts Japanese formatted postal codes, skip.


Address of your institution, or your personal address:


If you put your institutional address above, then put the name of the institution AND your name. If you put your personal address, ONLY put your name..


Your phone number, ignore the suggested Japanese format or skip:


Enter your email address:


Confirm your email address:


Voicing your Opinion (Mandatory Information):

You MUST fill this section out, there are two things you need to do:


First: Reference the section of the Japanese Law you are voicing your opinion about, copy and paste the following Japanese text:

意見提出対象の章名および頁番号:第4章著作物等のアーカイブの利用促進 第2節著作物等の活用に関わる著作権制度上の課題 1)国立国会図書館による資料送信サービスの拡充について (p. 123-124)


Second: Express why you believe the law should be changed to allow overseas institutions to access the National Diet Library digital collections:

You can and should write your own opinion. Please consider WHY this is important to you, the Japanese government will not give much consideration to responses that look identical. Remember, it is the diversity of our responses that is most important.


Theme’s to consider addressing:

·         Access to  invaluable research materials for scholars and citizens of the world.

·         Ability to research the culture, language, and history of Japan.

·         smaller institutions that can’t afford large Japanese collections have powerful new tool.

·         Raise Japan’s profile as a leader in Digital Scholarship.

·         Your personal experience.


Submit your opinion by clicking the black button:


Almost done, enter the confirmation number:


LAST step: press the LEFT black button to confirm your submission.


And you are at last done! You will know you’ve properly submitted your opinion when you see the following graphic:


Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback, especially if you don’t happen to speak/read Japanese. Numbers do in fact matter, so always participate and show your support.


Special thanks to Hiro and Kazuyo Good of the University of Pittsburgh, who prepared the initial directions to help those who do not read Japanese participate in this important survey.




Adam  H. Lisbon

Japanese Studies & Korean Studies Librarian

University Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder





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