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Apr 10, 2017, 12:11:04 PM4/10/17
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A while back I installed Cache for Windows (x86-32) 2013.1.1 (Build 501_0_12998) Thu Jul 25 2013 22:00:50 EDT on my PC. I moved over and upgraded most of the databases I had under 2009. I recently have need to copy over and upgrade one that I did not do earlier. It's a small database, but after I copied everything over and then performed $System.OBJ.upgrade() on the namespace, when I tried to use it, I am getting the below error. I saw that back in 2007, Derek Day replied to another thread that asked about this error, but his answer did not include a fix. I need to know how to fix this. Thank you for your time and kind assistance.


A JavaScript exception was caught in function zenPageEventHandler
TypeError: win.zenTestIncludes is not a function
Error in zenPageEventHandler: onload
Stack trace:
js:zenExceptionHandler(TypeError: win.zenTestIncludes ...,[object Arguments],Error in zenPageEventHandler: o...)
js:function ([object Event])


Apr 15, 2017, 5:54:37 AM4/15/17
to InterSystems: Zen Community
Hi David,
Try the following:

Export---From the old system

       1) Export your globals in file MyGlobals.gof

Management Portal->System Explorer->Globals->Select Globals->Export->FileName->Export

       2) Export your classes in file MyClasses.xls

From Studio Editor-Tolls->Export->Export to Local File->MyClasses.xls->Add->Select Clasees->Add

Import---In the new system

       3) Import your globals from the file MyGlobals.gof

Management Portal->System Explorer->Globals->Select your namespace->Import->Select FileName->Import

       4) Import your classes from file MyClasses.xls

From Studio Editor-Tolls->Import Local...->Select File Name->MyClasses.xls->Open->OK.

Although when files are imported, they are compiled you must recompile them again starting with subclasses-firtsly-

like Titles, Components, Composites etc., and after that the main classes.!!!

(For small datebases do it manually-From Studio Editor-> Select the class(double click)->Right button click->From the popup window- Compile..)

With this procedure I hope you will not have any problems.

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