Hutter Prize Goes Big

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James Bowery

Feb 21, 2020, 3:41:26 PM2/21/20
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Hutter Prize Goes Big

AI professor Marcus Hutter has gone big with his challenge to the artificial intelligence community.   A 500,000€ purse now backs "The Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge".  Contestants compete to compress Wikipedia. to its essence.  The 1 billion character excerpt of Wikipedia called "enwik9" is approximately the amount that a human can read in a lifetime.

Hutter's challenge is an advance over the Turing Test.  Devised by the famous AI theorist, Alan Turing, a chat bot must be able to fool a human.  It is pass-fail.  The Hutter's prize incrementally awards distillation of Wikipedia's storehouse of human knowledge to its essence.  This judging criterion derives from a mathematical theory of natural science, informally known as "Occam's Razor".  Formally it is called Algorithmic Information Theory or AIT.  AIT is, according to Hutter's "AIXI" theory, essential to Universal Intelligence. 

Hutter's judging criterion is superior to Turing's in 3 ways: 

1) It is objective,
2) It rewards incremental improvements,
3) It is founded on a mathematical theory of natural science. 

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