PUBLIC GRIEVANCE : Dishonour / Insult / Improper use of the National Flag

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Sarbajit Roy

Apr 5, 2011, 7:22:58 AM4/5/11
The Commissioner of Police, Delhi




I am constrained to complain to you in my capacity as member of the
public (public spirited citizen ) about the shocking and corrupt
attitude of the officers of Delhi Police when it comes to implementing
the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs concerning the Honour
to the National Flag/Tricolor of India under the concerned Acts. I am
particularly caused to complain that your force's officers were
improperly influenced today noon/afternoon near Jantar Mantar
(Connaught Place) to disrespect / insult the national flag because of
the presence of a former Joint CP/DP Ms. Kiran Bedi who was
participating in this disrespect along with one Baburao Hazare on the
concerned vehicles on which the flags were flown, and some of the
vehicles did not even have.display their registration numbers to
conceal their identity.

I am attaching 6 digital photographs in public domain of the offences,
including draping the flag over motor vehicles, and draping the
flag(s) to poles affixed to motor vehicles in the motor cavalcade of
one Baburao Hazare (alias Anna Hazare). I am given to understand that
only specified dignitaries enjoy privilege of flying the National Flag
on their motor vehicles, and that the named offenders (viz Ms Kiran
Bedi and Anna Hazare) do not fall in this category.

I am concerned that Delhi Police's entire officers and machinery did
not take any steps whatsover to halt this disrespect / insult to
National Flag / emblem taking place before their eyes and I have every
reason to believe that corruption is involved.

I therefore request you to kindly take all required action in law
against the offenders and provide me an acknowledgment of this public
grievance petition within maximum 3 days as stipulated in law.

Yours faithfully

Sarbajit Roy
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel: 09311448069


sandeep kumar

Apr 5, 2011, 12:22:45 PM4/5/11
Dear Sarbajit Ji,
please follow the link for your knowledge related to hoisting of national flag.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta
989, Sector 15-A, Opposite bishnoi Colony, Hisar-125001, INDIA
Phone: 91-99929-31181

Sarbajit Roy

Apr 6, 2011, 12:06:37 AM4/6/11
Dear Sandeep

It would be very instructive for you to compare the bastardised
"amended flag code of india" published by Naveen Jindal with the one
in force on the MHA's website

Given a choice the Delhi Police must follow the MHA version :-)

The list of dignitaries entitled to fly the national flag on their
vehicles is very small. Secondly the disrespect/dishonour to National
Flag is defined in the MHA's code.

My real point is that when supposedly eminent people like Kiran Bedia
and Anna Hazare break even tiny laws with impuinity and dont express
regret, then WTF are they to teach us about BIG laws like Lokpal Bill


Sarbajit Roy

Apr 6, 2011, 8:57:01 AM4/6/11
The Commissioner of Police, Delhi

Date: 06-April-2011



I am constrained to say that I have not received the acknowledgment of
my communication sent to you yesterday. The acknowledgment of public
grievance petitions is stipulated to be given immediately (or within 3
days in any case)

I am further constrained to mention that a proper inquiry into the
photographs I have sent you will reveal numerous offences under the
IPC (such as recklessly exposing and endangering minors to harm and
risk) and Motor Vehicles Act (not using seat belt, carrying excess
passengers, driving dangerously etc). I also apprehend that the lead
vehicle in question was prominently displaying seditious material in
one of the photographs which discloses the named offenders opposition
to the Union of India and this nation's territorial boundaries. Kindly
take necessary action on this information also.

Yours faithfully

Sarbajit Roy
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel: 09311448069

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