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Shahid Burney

Oct 25, 2010, 1:22:52 AM10/25/10
[[Moderator's notes:

a) Mr Burney has not been added to google group with PMK1504 id.
b) Mr Burney was not the first founding member of Hum Janenge
at least not under his real name - and which is not whistleblower786).
c) Mr Burney would recall that after Masterji's demise there were 9
moderators of the HumJanenge yahoo group.
d) Mr Burney cannot deny that soon after Masterji's demise a certain
moderator removed the 5 other moderators who were not enjoying
"owner" status at HumJanenege and tried to convert it into his private
e) Mr Burney cannot deny that repeated efforts of the coterie for
induction of Mrs Rahul (Twinkle) despite her protest is against the
letter and spirit of Masterji's ideals.
f) There is no question of misleading by PMK1504. This group HJ(google)
is fully dedicated to PMK thoughts and ideals, and opposed to
all the false moderators who have allowed Masterji's group to
perish away

HJ owner.]]

I have been added to the humjanenge google groups with PMK1504 id
without my consent. I am the first founding member of Hum Janenge
yahoo group and would continue with it.

Secondly, the late Mr. Prakash Murlidhar Kardaley (PMK) had a email
address as, and this email has become defunct after
his sad demise. So, some one is misleading with the first wordings
PMK1504 and then adding google groups address to it, not gmail.

I think Vinita Deshmukh would be in a better position to explain all this mess.


Shahid Burney

Oct 25, 2010, 11:42:00 PM10/25/10
to, Hum Janenge

Below email was not sent by me. It's all misleading and mischief as can be seen. This email is with my name as Shahid Burney < I am not a member of the HJ google group and explained that I will remain with my original HJ yahoo group. How can a person under his own identity send a email against himself ? It's fudging.

I don't need a certificate to prove my statement. But this kind of acts are dishonest and mischievous act. I consider these acts as spam.

Several activist here have questioned the credibility of the HJ google group and asked details of the same, which has not been given. I hope they do the same.

--- On Mon, 10/25/10, Shahid Burney <> wrote:


Oct 26, 2010, 1:21:20 AM10/26/10
Dear Burney

a) The email you have denied was definitely written and sent by you.
b) You (ie. "") are a member of the HJ googlegroup.
c) The activists who have questioned the credibility of the HJ googlegroup have
no credibility themselves and have no standing to invoke Masterji's name
or to speak on his behalf like we do.
d) As owners of HJ group we had made certain statements directed to you
which you have avoided responding to. We shall put some more queries
which you, as founding member of HJ, can better answer.

A) Who is Vishal Kudchadkar and who made him a moderator ?
Who are the persons who are posting messages in name of
"vishalkudchadkar" in the HJ yahoogroup, idenetical copies of
which are being posted upto 48 hours earlier in the HJ googlegroup?
B) Who are the actual owners of HJ Yahoogroup today ?
C) Why are all the messages posted to HJ Yahoogroup first sent to
another (secret) mailing list and approved by persons (none of whom
are the "official" moderators of HJ yahoogroup) before being posted to
HJ yahoogroup ? Why are you shy to disclose the names of these persons ?
D) Who are the persons who dictate to Vishal Kudchadkar which
news items should be posted to HJ yahoogroup and which are to
be suppressed.
E) Do you believe that groups like HJ should be moderated and
censored and controlled by hidden forces or should there be full freedom
and transparency like Masterji desired ?


Raminder Singh

Oct 26, 2010, 2:50:18 AM10/26/10
Yes, even I want to know why there is so much timelag between posting of this group's messages and posting to yahoogroup. Take for instance the news report "Kalane villagers want independent probe into Maharashtra illegal mining"

In the google group vishalkudchadkar posts it on Oct 24 at 18:08 IST.
In the yahoo group vishalkudchadkar posts it on Oct 26 at 00:36 IST
same is the case for many such emails. The analysis is given below


"[HumJanenge] Kalane villagers want independent probe into Maharashtra illegal mining"
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 26 Oct 2010 00:36:45 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 26 Oct 2010 00:36:45 -0000

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:08:17 +0530
Subject: [HumJanenge] Kalane villagers want independent probe into Maharashtra
 illegal mining
From: vishalkudchadkar <>
To: HumJanenge <>

I will locate some more such incidents and keep this group informed.


Oct 26, 2010, 3:10:07 AM10/26/10
Dear Mr Raminder,

Welcome to this group. There are literally hundreds of incidents like these
which are getting exposed with the coming into existence of this group
where all the emails (and manipulations) of HJ by the secret coterie are
open for the world to see.

To refresh Senior Journo's memory I ask him to re-read this message
he wrote on HJ yahoo. {Mon Nov 6, 2006 9:55 am }
QUICK before someone deletes it. I hope that he does not now want to
withdraw his appreciation and admiration for his old friends.


"Re: [HumJanenge] Re: Monitoring RTI

Well, the below admittance by Col. Ramesh Wasudeo, one of Anna Hazare's close
confidate, summarize all in a nutshell

"with anna loosing his sharp edge with government, we too are loosing due govt

I have the highest reespect and regards for Col. Wasudeo, for he had been very
active and helpful to the activists during the time when MRTI was in force,a nd
he a member of the State Monitoring Committee.

Now finally he too agree that Anna has lost the clout which once made the
government and bureaucracy tremble and fear. And this I had been saying for
long, which some did not agree. But now this acceptance of the fact has come
from none other than Col. Wasudeo. Anyhow, Col. Wasudeo has not suggeted what
should be done to avoid from loosing the government attention? If the Mahrashtra
chief minister is ignoring the three letters written by Anna on appointment of
Information Commissioners, does this not signify the end of clout of Anna with
the government, and that he has lost the sting? It is another matter to draw
analysis why Anna's clout has faded with the government.

It's not only Anna, but also other stalwarts like Aruna Roy, Sandeep Pandey,
Arvind Kejriwal too are sailing in the same boat like Anna. More all have
applied the "Vanishing Cream" leaving the RTI struggle boat in the hands of
Shailesh, Kardaley, Vishal, Manish and Rahul. In a way the stalwarts have been
frustrated and lost the battle to the politicians and deserted the sinking ship
in the hands of a few hardcore activists.

Not wrong, when I admit that there is my all around admiration and appreciation
for Veeresh Malik ji, who has been very aggressively has been fighting for the
RTI issues and I can't find another example like him. I am now pleased to see
Col. Ramesh Wasudeo becoming active once again. I am sure with the experience of
Col. Wasudeo and his helping nature, we are sure to gain.


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