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surinder pal

Sep 13, 2014, 7:25:08 AM9/13/14
to hamjanenge,,, HitenderJain2,, H C Arora Advocate
Date: 13.9.14
Sh. Sukhbir Singh Badal,
Deputy Chief Minister,
Government of Punjab,
Dear Mr. Deputy CM,
In response to your invitation to applications/complaints on your E-mail Id, I hereby avail this opportunity of drawing your attention to some problems of common man which should be enough to deflate your tall boastings of good governance and slogans of ‘Raj nahi Seva’ in the state. Though there are countless problems for the people, the below mentioned a few should be enough to show you the mirror:   
1.            Electricity Bills:
(i)            The last date for payment of bills through cheques is shorter than that by the DD and in cash.  The payment of bills above Rs. 5000/- is not accepted in cash though the lowering purchase value of rupee amply shows that Rs. 5000/- is very meager amount and most of the consumers receive bill exceeding this amount.  The excuse taken by the PSPCL staff is the security threat to cash. This excuse adequately exposes your law & order situation in the state.  Then the Bills are in horrible condition. The entries of charges imposed do not match with their respective heads. Consequently, one cannot make out anything from these bills. Completely jumbled up bills only are tools of exploitation of consumers. Additionally, the contents on these bills disappear after very short period because of the low quality temporary ink. This is solely with the ulterior motive of looting innocent people through crook ways so that one may not be able to read a bill.
(ii)            Though the power tariff hike surreptitiously for electricity is a very routine phenomenon, yet people are made to face long power cuts. This falsifies all your assurances give to people of Punjab in recent Assembly elections to make the state ‘a power surplus state’.
2.   Parking Mafia:
The parking mafia in the whole state of Punjab is working fearlessly, and certainly not without the patronization of political bosses. On almost every parking stand, much higher rates are charged than the prescribed one. Anyone objecting to that is abused, harassed and beaten mercilessly. The administrative officials are either hands in gloves with the parking mafia or they are helpless in front of political leaders who are suspectedly silent partners in those parking contracts. For example, in multi level parking in Mini secretariat, Ludhiana, the goons are so bold that they openly charge extra and put down any resistance by the stand users mercilessly. The bouncers of the contractor deployed there beat a vehicle owner mercilessly and broke his one rib on 18.6.14. The DC, Ludhiana, was reported the whole incident then & there, but no action is yet visible.  Extra charging there is continuing unabated. 
3.     High Security Number Plates:
 Applying for High Security Number Plates (HSNPs) for old vehicles or getting fitted those plates on new/old vehicles is not an easy task. The work of preparing HSNPs for old or new vehicles is outsourced to a company Agros Impex(I) Pvt. Ltd., Kharar, Dist. Mohali, Punjab - 140301. It is the bounden duty of this company to create adequate infrastructure for the work and provide hassle free service to the applicants, but the long queues for this purpose are the self evident indicators of the deficiency in service due to inadequate infrastructure and consequent corruption there. Applying for a new HSNP and getting it fitted on one’ vehicle is considered a very big achievement. News on this issue keep appearing in the media, but the government has intentionally closed its ears & eyes to this grave problem of people.
Dear Sir, the above mentioned issues are just a few of the numerous one that torment people one way or the other. Land mafia, sand mafia, transport mafia, cable mafia and what not have taken the whole state in their grip, and people are reeling under corruption, inflation and your misrule. Despite all this you feel proud in boasting about your good governance. People certainly want to get rid of this type of ‘Raj’ as well as ‘Seva’.
A word of acknowledgement shall be appreciated.
Surinder Pal Advocate

Sep 13, 2014, 8:22:51 AM9/13/14
Wonderful. A white paper on the efforts made by the State in controlling drug menace is called for. Facts-rich PIL could be filed in the HC,if the State dithers on the vital issue of pervasive drug culture(and its demonic /dissastrous effects). Ye kaam zoonoon se hona chahiye, chalu kamon ki tarah nahi. S P Mathur
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