The HoTTEST Conference of 2020, June 15-19 (homotopy type theory)

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Dan Christensen

Jun 12, 2020, 12:04:58 PM6/12/20
The HoTTEST Conference of 2020 is next week, from Monday to Friday,
with two talks per day at 10:30am and 12pm EDT (UTC-4).

The Zoom link is

Speakers and titles

Brandon Doherty (University of Western Ontario)
Cubical models of (∞,1)-categories

Eric Finster (University of Birmingham)
Weak structures from strict ones

Valery Isaev (JetBrains Research and Higher School of Economics)
Indexed type theories

Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine (Stockholm University)
What are we thinking when we present a type theory?

David Jaz Myers (Johns Hopkins University)
Higher Schreier theory

Paige Randall North (Ohio State University)
A higher structure identity principle

Anja Petković (University of Ljubljana)
Equality checking for finitary type theories

Mitchell Riley (Wesleyan University)
Synthetic spectra via a monadic and comonadic modality

Mike Shulman (University of San Diego)
Type-theoretic model toposes

Taichi Uemura (University of Amsterdam)
Abstract type theories

Further information, including abstracts and schedule, can be found at

The talks are also listed at

On behalf of the organizers,

Dan Christensen
Chris Kapulkin
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