Hindu-Muslim marriages and ‘Love Jihad’ By J.G. Arora

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Oct 25, 2011, 1:31:30 PM10/25/11
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Hindu-Muslim marriages and ‘Love Jihad’

By  J.G. Arora


Organiser, New Delhi:  October 23, 2011




The slogan that ‘all religions are the same’ is a perfect ruse to de-Hinduise the gullible Hindu; and to demolish Hindu society.

The most dangerous falsehood being propagated unilaterally by many Hindu political, social and religious leaders is that all religions are the same and deserve the same respect(sarva Dharma sambhaav). But those claiming all religions to be the same are either ignorant or hypocrites; and do not care for destruction this falsity is heaping upon Hindu society.

One of the outcomes of this falsity is that countless Hindu girls have become the victims of deceptive love, conversion and marriage to Muslims. And with this outcome, Hindu society is being terribly shamed and ravaged.

It is not a mere coincidence that many Muslim celebrities as also many other Muslims in all walks of life have married Hindu girls after converting them to Islam. And bringing a Hindu girl to Muslim faith is treated as a ‘conquest’. Most of these events are contrived and manipulated.

While marriage of Hindu girls with Muslim boys is welcomed by Muslims, they strongly resent it if a Muslim girl marries a Hindu and converts to Hindu faith. Therefore, the cases of Muslim girls getting converted and married to Hindus are rare; and can also lead to tragic situations. There have been cases where offending Hindus have lost even their lives for this affront.

If Hindu-Muslim marriages were a normal occurrence, there would have been as many Hindu boys getting married to Muslim girls as Muslim boys getting married to Hindu girls. The fact that in most of such marriages, Muslim boys are getting married to Hindu girls shows that such events are contrived.

In fact, Hindu-Muslim marriages are a one-way traffic since in most of such marriages, Hindus are made to embrace Islam. 

Massive menace

Though abduction, oppression, coercive conversion and marriage to Muslims are the fate of Hindu girls in Pakistan and Bangladesh, situation is deteriorating in many parts of India also where Hindu girls are being targeted systematically for conversion and marriage to Muslims.

Steeped in secular stupor, main stream media is suppressing this fact. But as put by Aldous Huxley, “Facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored”.

The term “Love Jihad” implies a sinister operation under which Muslims allegedly target non-Muslim girls for conversion to Islam with the help of deceptive love followed by marriage.

Though Hindu-Muslim marriages have been going on in India since long, the term “Love Jihad” got its name in Kerala where it reached frightening levels with thousands of non-Muslim girls becoming its alleged victims during last few years.

Enormity of this problem became public after two of the victims filed petitions in Kerala High Court. While dealing with said petitions, Kerala High Court observed on December 9, 2009 that education campuses should not be allowed to be turned into venues for forcible conversions through false love affairs; and also suggested that the State Government should enact the law to prevent forcible conversions.

From ‘Jauhar’ to surrender

During repeated Muslim invasions of India for centuries, Hindu women used to commit even Jauhar to save their honour. In Jauhar, the act of supreme sacrifice and valourHindu women used to embrace death by jumping into raging fires to escape being captured, converted and disgraced by Muslim invaders if Hindus were defeated in a battle.

Only two incidents of Jauhar are described here. In 1566 after Hindus were defeated at Chittaur, thousands of Hindu women committed Jauhar to escape falling into Muslims hands. Earlier in 1303, Rani Padmini and many other Hindu women committed ‘Jauhar’; and preferred death to dishonour.

Even in 1947 when Hindus and Sikhs were driven out of Pakistan, many Hindu and Sikh women ended their lives to avoid being caught and dishonoured by Muslims.

But after 1947, fake secularism and dangerous falsity being propagated by many Hindu political, social and religious leaders that all religions are the same has transformed the brave Hindu women into easy victims of conversion and marriage to non-Hindus. This unilateral, false and absurd declaration of similarity of all religions betrays ignorance about Hinduism; and also about other religions. This falsehood facilitates fraudulent conversion of Hindus to other religions.

Moreover, unilateral Hindu slogans like vasudhaiv kutumbakam (entire world is one family) and ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti (‘truth’ is one but has many names) also suppress danger from anti-Hindu forces which are bent upon finishing Hinduism.

Besides, Macaulayan education has also alienated and uprooted Hindus from their Hindu roots.

Introduced in India in 1835 by Lord Macaulay, Macaulayan education had no place for Sanskrit, Hindu scriptures, Hindu heritage and Hindu history; and was devised to de-Hinduise Hindus. Shockingly, even after independence in 1947, India has been following Macaulayan education. Accordingly, most of Hindus know nothing about Hindu religion, Hindu history or Hindu heritage.

And being ignorant of basic tenets of various religions including Hinduism, many Hindu girls are being trapped in fake love affairs; are proclaiming that they respect all religions; and are being converted and married to non-Hindus.

Strange secularism

As per George Orwell, “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Bharat Varsha comprising the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and even Zabol in Iran was Hindu land with zero Muslim population till Muhammad bin Qasim’s Arab army attacked Sindh in 711. Despite valiant resistance to repeated Muslim attacks, Hindus lost areas now known as Afghanistan in 987, and Pakistan and Bangladesh to Muslims in 1947.

Logically in 1947, on India’s partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims, truncated India should have been declared a Hindu republic to re-assert its Hindu identity. Instead, a perverse ‘secularism’ was foisted on India. ‘Secularism’ as practised in India is fiercely anti-Hindu and is an elaborate hoax.

Nevertheless, for most Hindus, fake secularism has become their supreme faith which has alienated them from their Hindu roots. This alienation has made them easy targets for conversion.

Besides, in the absence of uniform civil code in India, Muslims are governed by Muslim personal law in civil matters. Thus, in India a Muslim can have four wives though even Muslim countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Syria etc. permit only one wife.

Though uniform civil code will make India a really secular country; and though its enactment has been emphasised in the Supreme Court’s judgements reported as Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum (AIR1985 SC 945), Smt. Sarla Mudgal v. Union of India (AIR 1995 SC 1531) and John Vallamattom v. Union of India (AIR 2003 SC 2902); and though Article 44 of Indian Constitution stipulates that, “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”, pseudo-secularists oppose its enactment.

Way out

Hindu society must come out of its dream world; and face the real world which works on the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’; and in which those who do not defend themselves get demolished.

For its very survival, Hindu society must assert and defend itself resolutely. Besides, it must liberate itself from shackles of fake secularism and fatuous falsity that all religions are the same.

Hindu society has to ensure that Hindu girls are not abducted or seduced or induced to marry non-Hindus.

Apart from knowing the main tenets of various religions, it is the duty of Hindus to know about Hindu religion, Hindu history, Hindu traditions and Hindu heritage, and to transmit this knowledge to their children. Lack of this knowledge makes Hindu girls easy targets for conversion and marriage to non-Hindus.

Most of main stream media in India does not project and protect Hindu interests. All along, it has been promoting fake secularism. In this dismal situation, only pro-Hindu mass media can educate Hindus about Hindu religion, heritage and history; liberate them from fake-secularism and the falsity that all religions are the same; and make them pro-active to defend Hinduism. Accordingly, all nationalist organisations and individuals must help to create the all-India pro-Hindu daily newspapers and television channels at the earliest.

As per Mahabharata, “Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” (one who protects Dharma is protected by Dharma). For thousands of years, Hindus protected Dharma; and Dharma protected them. But now most Hindus have forgotten their Dharma. For their very survival, Hindus have to revive their faith and allegiance to Dharma since “Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” (one who protects Dharma is protected by Dharma).


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