III. Pat Thompson's - Fatal Abstractions 2004

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Sep 25, 2013, 12:31:23 PM9/25/13
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3rd III in her Hestian Trilogy - extending the analytical method developed for deconstructing Fustel's distortion of the cultural record, to "The Paralogics of Everyday Life"


Sep 25, 2013, 3:51:20 PM9/25/13
Pat offers an excellent introduction and prologue (Autobiography of a Brain) for Fatal Abstractions, That I scanned and linked here for reference.

The critically important idea here is to recognize the schism of mind sets caused by the difference between seeing the world as:
  • composed of word definitions, rules, equations and other mental abstractions, as one interconnected deterministic model
    and seeing it as
  • the complex natural relations between independently behaving living systems, like a family with many organically behaving members, as one interconnected ecology.
Once you recognize what a big difference that is, it still takes time working through its implications
  • for our home centered private family lives and cultures having such strained relationships with the control obsessed cultures that proliferate in the public sphere .   
  • the meaning of two entwined modes of thought processes that simply don't translate into each other,
    and so for example, 
  • the natural design and limits of complex natural relationships (on which the rules of deterministic thinking depend !) being quite invisible to it, simply because they're not definable as abstractions.
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