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This is a Discussion Group Forum on Our making of homes; the foundations of culture 

for the Google Community of the same name, Hestia's New World (community)
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Hestia's New World concerns the intersection of 3000 years of dominant patriarchal cultures, and the new insights on how that happened and why that won't work.  It subjugates the home centered cultural foundations of mankind, for unsustainable commercial interests.  It's a mistake of "Hermian" patriarchal culture being based on "living by abstractions" that neglect the needs of life.    

What more truly seems to define a "home" is the care of the living culture within it, not rules.  The home is not a machine, but "a commons in which a living culture makes its own space".  As that's what people live *for*, the first principle of sustainability is the protection of its "Sacred fire and hearth", the archetype of the Greek's first socially involved god, Zeus's older sister - Hestia -.