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Felix Lufkin - Help Yourself

Mar 25, 2018, 8:12:49 PM3/25/18
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To view inventory and order, visit    Or order by email with quantity, desired pick up location and payment method.

Help Yourself 6th Perennial Plant Sale!
Each spring, we offer low-cost native fruit and nut shrubs and trees, perfect for hedges, yards and gardens, our proceeds directly fund public planting projects. With careful planting and good care, these perennials will yield abundant fresh fruit, beginning in 3-5yrs, over their long and generous lives! Sourced from NE nurseries. Pick up locations below.

  • Pick up or shipped bare root, 6-18” seedlings, with instructions at the locations below in May / June.
  • Details and payment info by email after placing order.
  • No deadline - Spring and fall best for fulfillment, but we may be able to help out of season.
Pricing:     1-5 plants = 9$ ea.  |   6-10 plants = 8.50$ ea.  |   11-50 plants = 7.50$ ea.  |   51+ plants = 6.50$ ea.
Pick up: Free in MA and Putney, VT, add 5-10$ for other locations. Shipping available. We take check, PayPal or card

2018 Availability:
  • Persimmon– tree to 25'. Unsexed seedlings, females bear delicious fruit if a male is present, or graft self fertile variety on m/f after 2 yrs. Fruit sweet, delicious, holds through winter.
  • Nannyberry – shrubby tree, delicious raisin/banana tasting fruits. 20 ft., medicinal bark. Space 10'. Wetlands tolerant.
  • Beach Plum – shrub to 8', wonderful flowers, plums in summer Need 2+ for fruit. 12 ft. Space 6-8'. Does not sucker. Will pollinate other plums. Salt, sand tolerant.
  • American Plum – small tree to 15', flowers, plums in summer. Need 2+ for fruit. 12 ft. Space 6-8'. Will pollinate beach/other plums. Will slowly form thicket: transplant or cut suckers.
  • Chinese chestnut– to 50', spreading shade tree with sweet nuts. Need 2+ for fruit. Good timber tree. Blight resistant.
  • Rugosa (beach) rose – thorny shrub, pink flowers, edible and medicinal hips and flowers. Spreading shrub to 6'. Tolerant of sand, salt. Good for roadsides.
  • Paw paw – to 30'. Large, soft, tropical tasting fruit. Tolerates wet soil. Need 2+ for fruit. Fly pollinated in late spring. Long lived.
  • Redbud– Nitrogen fixing tree to 20'. Beautiful, edible, sour red flowers in spring. Bee forage
  • Black aronia berry – Chokeberry. Nutritious, astringent fruit used for juice. Beautiful spring flowers - pollinator favorite. Shrub to 8'.
  • Juneberry – Serviceberry (A. alnifolia). Shrub to 10'. Space 5-8'. Delicious, fruity, sweet berries with cherry / almond flavor. Excellent fresh or dried.
  • Black elderberry – shrub to 10'. Prefers moist soil and full sun. Edible and medicinal flowers and fruits (must be cooked.)
  • Hazelnut – American species. Seedlings.Excellent hedge. Need 2+ for nuts. Space 5-10'. Good source of coppice.
  • Chokecherry - shrubby tree to 12'. Beautiful late spring flowers, late summer sweet, tart and mildly astringent fruit. Medicinal bark.
  • High-bush cranberry – shrub, flowers for pollinators, sour red nutritious fruit in fall - made into syrups and preserves.  Source of cramp bark medicine. 10'
  • Sunchoke – (Jerusalem artichoke) spreading, productive sunflower tuber. To 10' ('stampede' variety). Highly productive, stalks good mulch, late summer flower.
  • Hops - vigorous vine to 15'. Medicinal flowers used for bittering beer, nutritious, edible shoots in spring as cooked greens.
  • Concord grape - Hardy heirloom vine native to New England. To 20', prune annually to 6-8' for best fruit production. Leaves good pickle or cooked vegetable. Yields root-able cuttings.
  • Black Mulberry To 30'. Very fast growing tree. Cut low every few years for bush or hedge. Juicy sweet fruit mid summer. Seedlings, graft ready. Leaves food for silkworms.
  • M7 Apple Rootstock - Semi dwarfing, hardy apple root stock. Mature tree to 12-15' with decent fruit. Graft this year or within 10. Easy and forgiving skill and rootstock.
  • Basket willow - very fast growing, water tolerant shrub to 15'. Perfect for hedges, screening, eroding areas. Medicinal bark. Harvest garden stakes, kindling, poles, weaving material. Living fences - sticks root easily, and help other species' cuttings root.

Pick up locations:
  • MA:  Greenfield, Amherst, Northampton, Holyoke, Lincoln, Boston
  • CT: New Haven
  • NH: Concord
  • NY: Albany, Brooklyn
  • PA: Philadelphia
  • RI: Providence
  • VT: Putney, Burlington

NOTE: THE TREES WILL ARRIVE BARE ROOT, WITHOUT SOIL OR POTS. If you don't intend to plant them right away, please consult these resources regarding their care. They will survive some weeks without planting, but will need care!

Link: How to plant bare root trees (
Link: Caring for bare root stock (Lawyer Nursery)

Felix Lufkin

Help Yourself! - Public access food forests and gardens in the Valley, free for all to harvest from.

Katherine Veazey Policy

Mar 25, 2018, 8:19:31 PM3/25/18
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Woah - awesome!

You do this every year?

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