CNY HEX - ipaudit & ipaudit-web ?

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Apr 14, 2008, 7:47:55 PM4/14/08
to HeX liveCD
I am new to BSD and Hex distribution and have got ntop and darkstat
working. Am pleased with the dirtribution thus far but I really
wanted Hex for ipaudit and I haven't got this to work yet.

I am falling at the first hurdle. When I enter "ipaudit xl0" I get
the following error:
ipaudit: Trouble opeining <su> , msg="(no devices found) /dev/bpf2:
permission denied"

I have created an ipaudit user using adduser command.
I have tried cd /dev then .MAKEDEV bpf2 but I get an error MAKEDEV
command not found.
Also tried the above as su.

Any other ideas?

Also has anyone got ipaudit-web working on hex? I know it is not
present by default but it does ./configure OK. But until I get the
basic ipaudit bit working I am leaving this at that. In the meantime
can anyone confirm whether apache is mandatory or can it use another
webserver? Whats the easiest way to install apache on Hex if I need
to do this?



Kevin Foo

Apr 15, 2008, 4:31:31 AM4/15/08
Hi James,

It is recommended that you install ipaudit from the FreeBSD ports as it contains patches for ipaudit to be used under FreeBSD.

cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/ipaudit; make; make install

A good reference for The FreeBSD ports could be found here.

FreeBSD 5.x and later (Hex 1.x is based on FreeBSD 6) no longer use MAKEDEV script; they use devfs, which makes device nodes for every device that has a driver available. Check out devfs manpage for details. If you insist on manual setting, you can try "mknod".

As for ipaudit-web, it's still beta version and I have not tried it.

Kevin Foo
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