Morality of Money

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Jun 18, 2013, 12:39:51 PM6/18/13
H. Skip Robinson © 10/8/2009

Most people do not know that it even exists but there is an ongoing struggle between economic factions throughout the world to control the kind of money you use.

I am “not” going to go into the details in this writing, as to a number of my comments, but we are not a democracy or even a democratic republic. By definition we are a fascist oligarchy, as are most
countries around the world today.  I have a number of writings that go deeply into every assessment and terms used in this writing including a book in process titled,” Liberty or Bust and How We Knew”.  It
explains why many Americans are currently insolvent, as are the Federal and a number of State and local governmental jurisdictions in the United States of America and how we, those of the Austrian School
of Economic Principles, knew much in advance that we as a nation of some 350 million people would be in the position we are economically in today.
First, a number of the Amendments and Articles of the Constitution of the United States have been abrogated and usurped and therefore is an ongoing economic effort to control the means of production by a small ruling oligarchy using fascist rule that I must say has been enormously successful in this execution of their goals. Of most importance to this analysis, are the Money Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.  Article 1 Section 10; No State shall….make Anything but gold and silver coin, a Tender in Payments of Debts and Article 1, Section 8; Congress shall have the power to…. Coin Money, regulate the value thereof and of foreign coin and fix the Standards of Weights and Measures.  I don’t know about you but I believe even a 9th grader would conclude the use of gold and silver coin, as lawful tender in payments of debts, is mandated by our Constitution.  Since Article 1 Sec 10 mandates only the use of gold and silver coin, obviously Article 1 Sec. 8 indicates the coining of money to mean gold and silver coin, either coined by the Federal Government or of foreign origins, to regulate their value and fix their weights and measures, yet I see no mention of printed debt based fiat paper money. Remember, I don’t really care at this point whether you agree with my facts as I am “not” going into detail as to all of my points of contention, but I do have the written analysis and support of everything I’m saying in this essay.  So let’s get straight into the heart of the essay, the Morality of Money.
A Central Bank is the 5th platform of Communism as described in Karl Marx’s and Richard Engle’s book the Communist Manifesto.  It is via a Central Bank that a fascist Oligarch can primarily exist as it offers
those in power the ability to create money, regulate its interest rates and control through various regulations and institutional mandates, who that fiat money is lent to.   They use debt, as the implementing precursor to issue paper fiat currency, while excluding gold and silver coin from competition.  This, FDR did in a 1933 Presidential Executive Order by confiscating gold and silver coin and notes under the threat of incarceration and fines of up to $10,000. Of course, communism supports the taking from the individual, by force if necessary, for the good of the majority; taking the property or money from those that it belongs to, when lawfully acquired, and giving the property or money to someone whom it does not lawfully belong to. To me such an action is wrong, unethical, bad, evil or whatever choice of words you feel obligated to use and of course there are those misguided individuals that condone such practices for the so-called benefit of the majority when anyone with any level of experience in human behavior and competence understands the many erroneous ramification and unintended outcomes of such behaviors.
If you consider 535 member of Congress, 12 Supreme Court Justices and a small group of central bankers: 108 directors controlling 12 district banks you have all the people that not only control the rule
of law, but the creation of money, who gets the loans and the interest rates everyone pays.  As you can imagine those closes to the top get the best interest rates, are given the most money to conduct their
business(s) and participate in both the process of determining regulatory implementation and the laws that we all live by.  The use of regulation and taxation to control the means of production by these
few individuals is called a fascist oligarchy.  Hopefully, you do not believe that the majority are being represented by Congress, instead of the special interests groups that really provide the majority of
the campaign funding or understand that ¾ of the people in society do not understand the basic precepts of law or economics, as much of our education system is void of such knowledge or teachings.
Of course those from the free market Austrian School know that if you place that much power in the hands of such few individuals, that they have historically abused this power by printing more and more money until one day, in which the society through taxation will not be able to afford the interest payments on the debt. We are basically at the point in time now.  We must now borrow money and monetize (print) money to pay the interest on debt we previously borrowed, since tax revenues are drastically down due to the high levels of unemployment and the ongoing recession; thus creating the dreaded effects of Stagflation.
Although an oligarchy still may have higher amounts of power over the people then we would like, when using gold and silver coin as money, the creation of money, the interest rates that are charged and who it is lent to becomes a much more widely dispersed activity, as many competing groups around the world must mine gold and silver, for money to be created.  It therefore has a true value, not just pieces of
paper with numbers printed on it, that promise it’s worth something.
Fiat currencies as the world has witnessed throughout history, somehow are always generally worth less each year, then the prior, with “all” one day becoming worthless and that is an historical fact that America is now facing.  Gold and silver on the other hand have always maintained a high level of value, unless manipulated by the very governments (fascist oligarchies) who desire the ability to control
the printing of money, the interest that is charged and whom it is lent to. As fiat currencies lose their purchasing value and gold and silver coin are discouraged or prohibited from use, the accumulation of
precious metals becomes a precarious holding as they do not generally receive income for their owner.  Owning gold and silver is only profitable in times of heavy currency devaluation that runs in cycles,
that the oligarchs attempt to control through various policies such as raising interest rates and aggressive lending policies. Gold and silver however are the best stores of value and therefore provides the
greatest means for protection of one’s monetary value in periods of economic volatility, destabilization and depreciation when fiat currencies are mandated.
There are millions of individuals around the world that are sick and tired of the monetary manipulations by the oligarchs and desire the use of gold and silver as money. Ron Paul’s new book “End The Fed” is
just one of many writing throughout history that details how those societies that embrace anything other than gold and silver coin as money, are always ruled and controlled by a fascist oligarchy to their
destruction.  Many people think that there is not enough gold and silver in the world, yet it was our money just 77 years ago for gold and 30 years ago for silver, so that is one of a number  of false positions perpetrated by the oligarchs.  I use the term oligarchy – governmental leadership by the few, as it is the best word that I have thus far found to which I agree with its definition to best describe those in power under our current system and it appears that most countries are under a similar structure.
There can be little doubt, based on all rational suppositions that the use of debt based fiat currency, instead of gold and silver coin, is detrimental to any society that embraces its use and that it allows
for the governing group to create a tyrannical rain of force, fear and unethical behavior on society.  The American society is full of such events and oppression cast against those who challenge and defy those
that control the oligarchy.  Only by ones ignorance, apathy and selfishness can anyone go through life not being affected or feeling the pain of others effected by the actions and manipulations of the
oligarchs as they have placed so much destruction and impoverishment on the majority that we are near civil unrest and are and have been feeling the effects of years of misallocation of resources and mal
investment.  A multitude of unethical redistribution of wealth schemes have created unjust wars, poverty, recession, and depression one out of every two years in the 20th and now 21st Century.  All because we, as a people, have allows the use of debt based fiat currency to be issued by a centrally controlled small group of people so powerful that they can prosecute, imprison and/or pay off individuals willing
to sell their souls to the proverbial devil to control the means of production, that just so happens to be the pretext of Communism. Shame on us. "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." –
Edmund Burke

Could it be that simple – Just too continually buy gold and silver coin with every piece of fiat currency that enters our hands and push those with apathy and ignorance to except and participate in its dissemination.

Do we have a moral obligation to affect the use of gold and silver coin as money? Won’t it be easier to just let the oligarchs stay in power by controlling the dissemination of paper with fancy numbers printed on
it which has ruined every society that has embraced such an action and are people just too selfish, stupid or apathetic to enjoin in a significant moral cause? Is it going to be a struggle? Absolutely. The oligarchs have and will continue to try to keep the prices of precious metals and other commodities down as well, as they are the greatest indicators of the value of their fiat currency and it is their fiat currency that gives them their greatest power.
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