The Transition to Anarchy; the next phase in human enlightenment?

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Jul 22, 2016, 9:47:05 AM7/22/16
to Socio-Economics For the Majority

Anarchy is a ‘really’ interesting term because it has two distinct definitions. The left, who Austrian economists call ‘statists’ because they believe the nation-state is necessary, keep pushing to define anarchy as ‘chaos’, while the ‘libertarians’ stay with one of its original definitions as “total liberty”; the absence of the initiation of force by government, .i.e. the absence of government, since all governments today operate under politically legalized police powers and not voluntarism. 

I know of no other word like anarchy in the English dictionary that has such a vast contrast in its definition(s). As you will discern later, when you see the word voluntarism. It is today considered an antonym of anarchism, without the legalization politically of the initiation or use of force.   

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary @ All most all dictionaries, I have looked up, define it in these two distinct ways.   

Full Definition of anarchy:

  1. 1a :  absence of government b:  a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority c :  a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
  2. 2a :  absence or denial of any authority or established order b : absence of order :  disorder <not manicured plots but a wild anarchy of nature — Israel Shenker>

At one time I did not think anarchy possible as we have been so brainwashed to believe five social fallacies, that until you understand what they are, you will be unable to mentally shake the misconceptions.

The four misconceptions are:

1.       We must have government because government provides those products or services that human being as individuals cannot do. This book edited by the Independence Institute “The Voluntary City; Choice, Community, and Civil Society, is a compilation of works by various academics and social scientists that show examples throughout history of individuals and private groups voluntarily doing everything from building their own communities to defending themselves in warfare. It is surely one of the books, although it doesn’t suggest anarchy, that slowed me that anarchy is possible. All one has to do is do an internet search, Why Democracies Fail and because there are so many reasons, you will spend the next several months reading.      


Most often government is just the facilitator and subcontracts out the work such as infrastructure and building defense weapons to private sector companies. So private enterprise is really already doing all the heavy lifting. The Voluntary City shows historically that people will in fact voluntarily fund and do everything they need to survive, flourish and defend themselves when government can’t, doesn’t or won’t do it.  Militias so important in the U.S. Revolutionary War, were voluntarily started way before the Continental Army (CA) was formed and it, the CA was even formed and financed by private individuals and groups. The Colonist had no formal government because Britain was the government and we had declared our independence. The wealthy organized and hired Washington as their Commander. Communities throughout the colonies either had existing militia groups like the Green Mountain Boys or formed new ones. Not everyone was pro-independence though but the outcome is well established history.  As you will see next, it is not easy to get people to fight, kill and risk their lives.                


2.       Man is violent by nature and thus is predisposed to violence and warfare. In reality, 98% of people, according to those like Retire Army Captain Paul K. Chapple, a West Point Graduate, must be taught to fight, kill and be willing to die. Governments not only offer individuals a plethora of financial enticements, military academies are created not just to teach the art of war, but to indoctrinate and train officers and NCOs and to teach them how to indoctrinate their soldiers to fight kill and die for their family, god and country. It is estimated that the other 2% of society suffers from some sort of physiological illness such as sociopathy or psychopathy and even some of them need to be indoctrinated and taught how to kill. Just because the lack empathy many sociopaths do not have an innate disposition to harms others; they just don’t care.


Most people instinctively run to avoid harm and have to be taught to do otherwise. The numerous methods used have been used by every major power in human history, without exception and each generation appears to be getting more skilled at indoctrinating their Citizens and soldiers. If you don’t think the ruling oligarchy and their media outlets are part of the equation, as the joke goes in Florida real estate, I have some land right near the Everglades that would be perfect for you. During most of the year the lands looks beautiful and green but during the rainy season, it’s underwater and considered swamp.                 


3.       War makes us safer. We’re are now at the phase of perpetual war, thinking it is going to create peace. That is obviously a ridiculously irrational position. I’m 63 years old and I think that my country has been in one war or anther perhaps as much as 75% of the time during my life. We’ve invaded Iraq twice now in two decades and still remain there. Now terrorism is increasing in retaliation to the offensive actions by the various governments, NATO and the UN.  Mankind is not predisposed to war thus it has to be the governments that creates conflict and the do.   


4.       That Democracy is the best form of government.  This one is actually true ‘but’ and it’s a big butt. No democracy in world history has lasted for a prolonged period of time and more importantly, it has not done what is in the best interest of the majority, ‘but’ instead ends up redistributing the majorities money to special interests and one of the most prominent of these special interests is, you guessed it, the military industrial complex that many individuals throughout history have warned society about, which eventually leads to a military junta either running the country or at least controlling it through legalized police powers and politics. The many failures of democratic governance lead to huge wealth disparities and the majority, especially the lower middle class and poor start fighting back in a variety of methods for both survival and retaliation/revenge. Are they fighting for freedom and liberty? Actually Yes, even though many may not even know or care. All governments become, at the very least, economical/financially oppressive at one stage or another in their bell curve cycles, until the finally collapse economically under their numerous social redistribution of wealth schemes. Various studies indicate that all societies throughout history have all failed for the same basic reasons.  For Good and Evil; The Impact of Taxes On The Course of Civilization, Charles Adams, a tax lawyer explores our economic history, all the way back to ancient Egypt. For me the amount of knowledge gleaned from the Romans who were obviously good record keepers was very interesting with its 600+ years of history. How did such a powerful nation that utilized imperialism, brutality and slavery, crash and burn? They like almost all countries in history, overtaxed the majority, while the wealthy special interests reaped the vast financial benefits. The majority are forced to either go on welfare, work for the wealthy or try to dodge the tax man. Remember the story of the tax collector being tarred and feathered just prior to American Revolution and it wasn’t the first time a tax man was harmed or killed by angry mobs of Citizens who are being overtaxes by the so-called political leaders.


5.       Government promotes more good than evil. On their face, many social polices appear to be a sign that we as a society have the ethics, compassion and potential of benefiting all human beings, despite their disadvantages. A social safety net for those who have the many misfortunes that life has to offer. That is sadly an illusion because all social policies have contraindications; negative side effects just like all synthetic drugs do. We have all heard the TV commercials for the various pharmaceutical drugs as the nears their endings, a plethora of potential side effect is quickly rattled off, as if trying to hide them from the listener.


When was the last time you were told that many poor people are losing their homes to the tax men and wealthy investors throughout America because so many people are unable to afford their property taxes. About $40 billion in tax liens are issued each year by the various Country Clerks around our nations because mainly the poor cannot pay their property taxes. These are the very property taxes the go to pay for the public education of poor children.  Or how about that responsible parents who don’t have children they cannot afford are paying for the educations via their property taxes, for irresponsible parents who have children they can’t afford. These two situations point out the counter intuitive nature of the contraindications of all public policies. If something as benign as public education creates such dire contraindications just think what the plethora of other social polices do.      


6.       That private enterprise must be regulated.  Regulation in realty is a feeble attempt by government to provide justice to disputes between individuals and groups. Because of the lack of justice provided by the government run justice system, we then try to create legislation explicit enough so that the plaintiffs, defendants, Juries or Judges if they are the final arbiters cannot possible rule unjustly.  Since the Government administrated Judiciary so often fails at providing quality justice, we have placed thousands of laws on the books that now require adding millions of bureaucrats to the payrolls of the various government jurisdictions in order to oversee the plethora of legislation, which requires even greater levels of taxation to pay for these regulatory costs.


Justice like almost all aspects of a political system, favor the wealthy over the lower classes in the administration of the laws. The fact that the poor and much of the middle class cannot often even afford to pay an Attorney, because of the very high costs of their legal services, make suing companies for instance difficult, except perhaps under class actions, thwarting justice. It is literally a dog eat dog world in court rooms across America with the winners often times those who can most afford an attorney. There are too many horrendous stories to tell for this summary essay but there are a plethora of books such as “And Justice for None” by the late prominent during his life, Attorney Jerry Spence.


Books like Runaway Inequality: An Activist's Guide to Economic Justice by Les Leopold points out many of the obvious failing within our society but fails to understand that most of the problems we face today are not caused by capitalism, because we no longer have a predominantly capitalist society and that most of the problems we face today are the results of our plethora of social policies, the resultant contraindications and the lack of justice. He has been brainwashed like many of us have, into believing the five (5) social fallacies this article illuminates.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the same argument; it’s the failure of capitalism and if we just did this, this and this via the current democratic political system, before it too late, everything will be hunky dory. 


The problem is, I’ve been hearing this meme since my Junior High School days back in 1965, yet with as much social activism that has transpired in my life, things are much worse off for the middle and lower classes today. As we have kept trying to socially engineer our society more and more, it seems the further away from true capitalism we are getting and the worse off the majority is. It is almost counter intuitive. Just like our Constitution, with its intended restraints on government’s scope of activities and the Bill of Rights to protect our alleged inalienable rights, the Citizens of the United States have had most of those protected rights usurped and the government has surly not been restrained.


It is obvious that those who embrace the nation state and benefit from it will be its supporters. The 1%s and the upper ruling class are the beneficiaries at the expense of the majority. This is how it has always been, accept during those times when the nation state’s use of force was somehow weakened by its Citizens. Times such as right after the various revolutions or when societies collapsed. The problem then was that the Citizens has to often rebuild society because of the failures of the nation state to create a civil society.  Surely the legalization of the use of force does not work. What then would work?


We know from history, there are a plethora of voluntary associations. There are so many, from two person partnerships to major churches throughout our world that have thrived for literally multiple millenniums.  Hinduism dates back to as early as perhaps 5,500 BCE and it’s voluntary. If you look at any nation state today, it does not resemble in any way what it did just 250                              years ago. It has gone through numerous collapses, requiring new Constitutions and or new creating documents, civil wars, etc. England alone has invaded all but 30 nations in the world at one time or another and has just eliminated its partnership with the European Union. It’s gone from Roman rule to anarchy, to monarchies to democracy and now, who knows how to describe it, but I can tell you one thing, it suffers from many of the same contraindications of its social policies, just like almost every nation state in the world today does.


All laws are based on one simple concept. If you harm someone else or their property that is wrong.  There are two category of laws that that all laws fall under. Malum In Se, those laws that are self-evident, such as rape, murder, kidnapping, theft, various frauds, forced or physiological coercion, polluting the water or air, excessive sound/loud noises are actually considered a form of pollution, bribery, defamation of character, etc. While these are pretty easy to identify, often time they are not as easy to prove. A fraud such as framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit has been done throughout history and thankfully we have such technological advancement as DNA testing that has proven many times people to be innocent. The point is justice is not always perfect and it will never be. But many believe today, the government run system is so flaws by corruption and poor social policies that the amount of true justice being handed down is pitifully inadequate for a civil society. I am one of these such people and why I am proposed some sweeping changes to our system of governance.   


Then there are those laws called Malum Prohibitum, those laws created as a means to try to discourage individuals from harming one another, such as DUI laws, seat belt and helmet laws, concealed gun carry laws, prohibitions of automatic weapons, texting while driving, auto insurance laws, all licensure laws such as driver licenses, licensing of doctors, real estate agents and cosmetologists, mandatory fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems in buildings, UL approval for all electrical components, government permitting and inspection for all home building and improvements, etc. We often call these laws regulatory laws and these just noted are just a small percentage of them. Everything we do is regulated by a variety of laws. As an example, fishing licenses are now required in almost all States, whether you go fishing once every two years or 300 times a year; the latter obviously putting more pressure, as it is called on the fish populations and the reason given for required fishing licenses. The problem is that all Malum Prohibitum laws are arbitrarily determined by various methods and often have to do with commercial interests pressuring legislators. It was the Doctors, not consumers, who put pressure on legislators to enact the first medical licensing and college accreditation laws. Many of the legislators were Attorneys and together they organized the vast plethora of professions licensed today. By making it more difficult to become a Doctor or Lawyer, it reduces the number of service provider creating a greater demand for those with licenses and thus they were able to raise the fees they were charging. Now, half the population in our country cannot afford doctors or lawyers or even the medical insurance that is now a regulatory requirement. Like I have previously noted, all legislation has contraindications, we have just not been warmed or advised of them, in as much as the alleged benefits. With Doctors killing about 100,000 people each year through negligence and misdiagnoses, has license laws really helped society that much if you throw in the vast amount of taxes and regulatory fees it takes to regulate all the Malum Prohibitum laws, relating to the medical profession. Who knows. Is it intuitive or counter intuitive to believe that Malum Prohibitum laws create more good than harm and how sure can we be of this?  Do regulations such as permitting, restrictive building codes, required sprinkler systems and the host of other regulations and taxes, drive up the costs of homes ownership to such an extent that the average person can no longer afford the average priced home, as we see home ownership drastically declining throughout our country?              


Human being not only disagree on which of the regulations are effective, how fair they are but also how much they cost, compared to the benefits. If money grew on trees there would be no problem, but it doesn’t so we as a society must take everything into consideration and this is a monumental task.


Builders do not like building low cost residential housing because the profits are so low and the risks to high because wages have not kept pace with inflation and thus few middle class people can afford homes. In a declining market who would take such as risk. There are many money reasons why this is occurring in our society today and it is our social policies that are driving the results. Two few people are involved in the determination of our laws and the middle and lower classes, most affected have little or no say in the matters at hand.


How do you balance out the rights of individuals and what is allegedly in the best interest of the majority or common good? I personally don't think we have the capacity to determine this but I do know that government surely hasn't done it. Are the anarchist/capitalists correct in that it can only be done by the silent hand of the market; individuals working in their own self interests both individually and in voluntary associations. Does an extremely wealthy individual with vast amounts of assets, have a vesting interest in protecting the community from external invasion because of his self interests; you bet yea. Will a Voluntary City be perfect? Absolutely not, but it will be better than any form of government thus far configured and/or adopted and we have about 8,000 years of evidence.                                                                                                      

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