What is Fascism? the undermining of modern civilization

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“Only a fool or tyrant claims to know with certainty, what is in the best interest of the majority.” Fascism is much more than just a socio-economic ideology. It is a philosophy that many believe allows them to rationalize and therefore justify their actions for what is in the best interest of a civil society. 

What I’m going to point out in this essay is that those who support and condone fascism, and there are many, are both ignorant and illogical in their perception of this reality and how it effects our world. And secondly, that to regulate under current fascist methods is totally different then what the U.S. Constitution intended and what is commonly believed.

Take the Federal governments enforcement of marijuana as an example.  We now have two States that have repealed its prohibition, essentially legalizing it as it once was up until the 1920’s. Yet the Federal government continues to ignore not only states rights but individual rights, the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution. But first of all before I get into the law itself, let us show you their ignorance. First thing out of the month of a fascist is; marijuana is gateway drug.  How many times have you heard this?  Yet no one has ever provided true scientific evidence that this is true. Apparently when the main stream media says it time and time again, people believe it. This is pure unadulterated “ignorance”. Why does main stream media, support a marijuana prohibition? That is a topic for another day. Or course, those in favor of legalization cannot prove that marijuana is “not” a gateway drug either because as everyone should know, logically you cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove something that isn’t true. Fascists therefore are either too stupid to realize this or they are somehow in on the profits. The next time someone tells you that marijuana is a gateway drug, either call them stupid or a liar and con “person”. http://goo.gl/nL4kx - The history of marijuana.   

As everyone knows police officers and other government officials take an oath to not only up hold and protect the Constitution, but also to protect the Citizens and their property.  Here is what the U.S.  Constitution says, under Amendment IX of the Bill of Rights: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” What this basically says, is just because the Bill of Rights does specially enumerate an individual right, those rights not enumerated are still protected.  Do you have the right to smoke pot or put anything else in your body that you choose? Of course you do, as there is nothing in the Constitution that gives Congress or any other Public Official the right to deny people an individual right. That’s what a right is, even though it might be morally or ethically wrong to you. So how could it have been against the law for so long? Fascists use two arguments in their ploy to usurp individual rights. “Why” will be the topic for another essay.  

The first Constitutional argument fascists give, is under Article I, Section 8, “Congress shall have the power To; provide for the general Welfare of the United States.”  However, with marijuana, as with many things and as we noted above, there is no scientific evidence that by prohibiting marijuana, that the general welfare would be enhanced, and in reality, the negative ramifications of the prohibition, as we experienced in this country with alcohol prohibition, can be easily argued with sufficient data, are much greater than the benefits received.  The use of Article I, Section 8, is therefore a false reason or erroneous argument for the prohibition. In realty you can argue all you want for either position, but it is essentially impossible to prove scientifically if marijuana legalization or prohibition is bad or good for the society overall and more importantly it denies an inalienable right protected by the Constitution. Basically, even if you disagree with the legalization of marijuana, the Constitution is suppose to protect fascists from voting to create such prohibitions that usurp individual rights. That’s why we have the bill of rights. If you disagree with it you are basically trying to usurp the Constitution of the United States using irrational thought merely based on your opinion, as ignorant as it might be.        

The second “excuse” by fascists and their so-called arguments is even worse. That because of marijuana being transported over State geographical boundaries, Congress therefore has the right to regulate marijuana, under what is called the Commerce Clause, Article I, Section 8; “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” Does regulate mean to have full control through regulatory rules? Of course not, to regulate, at the time of the Constitution meant “being well trained and efficient”, a much different stance than what is taken by government today.  This clause was to guaranty that the one State would not impose laws or taxes that treated other States unfairly in trade and commerce. You will get a better understand of “regulate” from the following historic excerpts:  

In the passage that follows, do you think the U.S. government was concerned because the Creek Indians' tribal regulations were superior to those of the Wabash or was it because they represented a better trained and disciplined fighting force?

That the strength of the Wabash Indians who were principally the object of the resolve of the 21st of July 1787, and the strength of the Creek Indians is very different. That the said Creeks are not only greatly superior in numbers but are more united, better regulated, and headed by a man whose talents appear to have fixed him in their confidence. That from the view of the object your Secretary has been able to take he conceives that the only effectual mode of acting against the said Creeks in case they should persist in their hostilities would be by making an invasion of their country with a powerful body of well regulated troops always ready to combat and able to defeat any combination of force the said Creeks could oppose and to destroy their towns and provisions. - Saturday, December 13, 1777.

I am unacquainted with the extent of your works, and consequently ignorant of the number or men necessary to man them. If your present numbers should be insufficient for that purpose, I would then by all means advise your making up the deficiency out of the best regulated militia that can be got.- George Washington (The Writings of George Washington, pp. 503-4, (G.P. Putnam & Sons, pub.)(1889))

The above quote is clearly not a request for a militia with the best set of regulations. (For brevity the entire passage is not shown and this quote should not be construed to imply Washington favored militias, in fact he thought little of them, as the full passage indicates.)

But Dr Sir I am Afraid it would blunt the keen edge they have at present which might be keept sharp for the Shawnese &c: I am convinced it would be Attended by considerable desertions. And perhaps raise a Spirit of Discontent not easily Queld amongst the best regulated troops, but much more so amongst men unused to the Yoak of Military Discipline.- Letter from Colonel William Fleming to Col. Adam Stephen, Oct 8, 1774, pp. 237-8. (Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774, Wisconsin historical society, pub. (1905))

And finally, a late-17th century comparison between the behavior of a large collection of seahorses and well-regulated soldiers:

One of the Seamen that had formerly made a Greenland Voyage for Whale-Fishing, told us that in that country he had seen very great Troops of those Sea-Horses ranging upon Land, sometimes three or four hundred in a Troop: Their great desire, he says, is to roost themselves on Land in the Warm Sun; and Whilst they sleep, they appoint one to stand Centinel, and watch a certain time; and when that time's expir'd, another takes his place of Watching, and the first Centinel goes to sleep, &c. observing the strict Discipline, as a Body of Well-regulated Troops - (Letters written from New-England, A. D. 1686. P. 47, John Dutton (1867)

The quoted passages support the idea that a well-regulated militia was synonymous with one that was thoroughly trained and disciplined, and as a result, well-functioning. That description fits most closely with the "to put in good order" definition supplied by the Random House dictionary. The Oxford dictionary's definition also appears to fit if one considers discipline in a military context to include or imply well-trained.  

Fascists want to regulate and tax your personal lives, your social activities and your labor and profits from our businesses. It is that simple and they use every illogical excuse and unethical trick in the book, from the Bible to the Constitution, as their weapons). Of course, misrepresenting or misinterpreting the intent of both historical philosophers as well as our founding fathers, so they can steal, under the treat or at the point of a gun, your wealth, for their personal gain. They may say that they do it for the best interest of the majority, but as you now know, that is a bunch malarkey.      

As another example, in recent news, The Federal Government has been arresting people for selling raw unpasteurized cow’s milk to people that “do not” want to drink pasteurized milk. In this example, government is usurping the rights of both the seller’s and the buyer’s rights because they believe despite having any scientific evidence that allowing the sale of unpasteurized milk is bad for the overall society. Wouldn’t just prosecuting people who sell bad milk, accomplish this goal, in a better manner and more importantly, not take away the rights of our Citizens. But know, they are fascist and believe they know what is in our best interest, better than we do, which of course is a bunch of malarkey. Just about everything that that government currently regulates, can be better, less costly and more efficiently served, by directly prosecuting those who harm others or cause environmental damage.              

Incidentally, Congress has been abusing the commerce clause to regulate the hell out of just about everything in our friggin lives, to an extent as it is literally bankrupting the majority of Citizens in our society. If you think I’m wrong, over forty-one thousand (41,000) factories have been closed down over just the last 12 years in this country and hundreds of thousands before that. According to a survey by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, that have been conducting this research for 23 years, the percentage of Americans workers (57%) are reporting less than $25,000 in total net worth, the highest percentage since the research started. Basically, with our current system workers are unable to save enough to retire.       

Congress, supported by the Judiciary, claims that the Commerce clause give them cart blance, to usurp our individual rights via taxation and regulation. Throw in the welfare clause and we have a double sided knife that has gutted America of their individual rights on wealth. If Congress and the Judiciary are right, therefore, individual rights really don’t exist and therefore the Bill of Rights is legally a worthless piece of paper, even though the Citizens forced the various States into adopting them, before they would allow the Constitution to be ratified by their respective States, in the first place. The intent is well established, yet it has been subverted by fascists.   

Obviously the fascist positions of the Congress and the Judiciary are illogical on their premises, yet they now rule this country with an iron fist.  Even those the States of Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana, the Federal Government, even under a so-called a Democratic administration  continue to harass, indict and arrest Citizens in those States under Federal laws.  Amendment X, says: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  Go figure!!!!         

The destruction of our modern Civilization is occurring because of the fascist philosophy that believes they know what is in the best interest of the majority, despite the logical and scientific inability of being able to do so.  Whether it is the religious faction trying to rational their support of a ban on suicide, to those that believe everyone should e forced to pay for the less advantaged, these are all irrational and illogical premises as it relates to the common good.  For instance, there is no scientific or empirical, data to suggest that public education has provided an overall benefit over when private or parochial education was the prominent forms of education.  Yet, fascist will argue till their blue in the face, that public education is a great thing when actually the drop out and truancy rates are higher today then every before in American history.  Of course fascism, the use of taxation and regulation to control the means of production is also the greatest it has been in American history and we have for all intents and purposes, allowed the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be usurped by the illogical and irrational philosophy of fascism. 

So the next time someone says to you, that there needs to be a law against that, call them what they really are; stupid, uneducated or a fascist and/or a con man and liar.  They are either trying to gain a financial benefit for themselves or they are just plain stupid.

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