The Children of the Evil Spirit: American and British Imperialism

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Nov 12, 2012, 2:32:38 PM11/12/12

If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest. - Thomas Jefferson


I don’t know in what context Jefferson stated this, but the facts gleaned by modern day authors, empowered with much greater research tools and resources, do not bear this out and rejects important history, written under perhaps the extensive government influence at that time.  

I write this article under the influence of Ann Durkin Keating from her book Rising Up from Indian Country: The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago, on her revisionary history surrounding this battle during the War of 1812 at what is now Chicago, IL and the incredible research of Stuart Laycock, the author of; All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To, an accounting of some of the warmongering history of Britain.

What some have found such as Anthony Wile of the blog Daily Bell is that those whom control their government(s), use the main stream media as a propaganda source, for what he calls “memes” that promote dominant social themes that provide misinformation to the world.  He exposes their memes on a daily basis and tries to dissect the misleading and often times erroneous information contained in articles by main stream media authors. A worth “Wile” read.

The research of Keating refutes the war cries of the original reports of a “massacre” at Fort Dearborn and gives a much different account, as several other less notable authors have done throughout the years, on the events that helped shape American history. Apparently the Battle of Fort Dearborn was not a massacre at all, as government agents (military officers) reported.  Apparently they called it such in order to encourage additional warfare against the Potawatomi Nation and the British whom had joined forces, maybe? Or was it another meme?      

Peter Ustinov, a British actor and activist stated “terrorism is the war of the poor, as war is the terrorism of the rich”. I don’t know about you, but to me, there is a potential of there being a tremendous amount of truth in his quote. Poor people, if they want to form a group and defend themselves in a proactive manner against a tyrannical government, are deemed terrorist, revolutionaries or even enemies of the state, but when the oligarchy within a society uses the government military to protect their special interest in an antagonistic attack and occupation of another country or even their own people, it is called nation or democracy building in the name of national defense. When that country is attached in revenge for an occupation or invasion by none government groups, the country calls it terrorism and therefore deemed an act in which the act of self defense or revenge can be legally instituted against those whom commits the co-called terrorist acts. What is legal for the Oligarchs by force of arms is not legal for the masses.   

Apparently only nations Chartered under the United Nations can legally attack, even without the consent of the UN without the potential of being held accountable for those who make the decisions to wage warfare. Apparently it is good to have the largest sword in the neighborhood and the Judges on your side as an analogy of having the most power military on the planet and have the Judges on your payrole. So war is a double standard and the biggest bully cannot or is not generally held accountable for their actions by theire their own courts. Governments are allowed to legally attack but none government groups or organizations are not even allowed to legally fight back as any Constitutional position will be denied.  Who controls the Justice System – The governments.  

A “massacre” is reportedly based on the notion of indiscriminant killings.  It seems like many the words associated with war meet that description in some form or fashion unless you were to somehow have a perfectly suited battle in which both sides had exactly the same hardware and personnel that would make the battle perfectly matched.  I think it is therefore appropriate to look at the terms and see how they are used and more importantly who uses them.

Keating’s book about the area now Chicago and how the U.S., possibly in reality relegated to a puppet of Briton, terrorized the North American Indians, specifically in this case, at the Battle of Fort Dearborn in 1812, in which the U.S. got their butts handed to them, after members of the Potawatomi Indians sought revenge after their lost at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.      

Government History tell us the British Empire had ceded the Northwest Territory, comprising the modern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to the United States in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. However the area had been the subject of disputes between the Indian Nations and the United States since the passage of the Northwest Ordinance in 1787. Apparently the British just ceded territory they did not really own. However, the Indian Nations followed Tenskwatawa, the Shawnee Prophet and the brother of Tecumseh who had a vision that purification of society by expelling the "Children of the Evil Spirit", the American settlers most of whom were of British dependency.   Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh formed a confederation of numerous tribes to block the American expansion.

Apparently, some Englishmen, of which I am sadly a descendent, no matter what country they are from, just have an affinity for taking others land and property through warfare and often times build forts/military bases on foreign soil as a means of gaining entrance to that territory. They apparently and repeatedly renege on their peace and territorial agreements and have been the single largest purveyor of war perhaps in world history.  

In Laycock’s book he lays out his research in which he found that the British empire has invaded every country in the world except twenty-two (22) nation states and we can probably surmise that the U.S. or some other directorate of the U.S. and/or Britain has invaded or occupied all relevant counties, except for perhaps a few jurisdictions protected by the very monetary interests that keep their wealth protected by those locations as so-called safe/tax-havens.     

I, therefore call for the arrest and trial of George W. Bush, Richard Chaney and Consdeleesa Rice as co-conspirators in the fraud and deception perpetrated against the American people and the World for their perjuries’ and the resultant crimes against humanity in the evasion of the nations-states of Iraq and Afghanistan.
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