US Is Not A Democracy

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Apr 22, 2014, 8:45:20 AM4/22/14
Some extremely important research has just come out of Princeton University that concludes we are not a democracy. If you read some of the other articles on this blog, you will see that we never were nor where we ever intended to be one. Our founding fathers were scared to death of mob rule and instead created a democratic Republic with the people forcing the body politic to enumerate the various inalienable rights in the newly created Constitution. 

I suggest in one of my articles that adding a layer of representatives on top of a direct democracy adds no systemic value as they end up in the pockets of special interest that are controlled by the ruling oligarchy. The Princeton study just concludes that special interest do rule and the masses have little or no influence on law.           
Gilens and Page 2014-Testing Theories 3-7-14.pdf
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