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My name is H. Skip Robinson and I host this site. From the time we all started to become cognizant of our world, we have all heard that before any debate or discussion, we must determine the definitions of the words that we will be using. Therefore in addition to commentary, we try to focus on the words and terms used in socio-economics by offering essays or stories that support the opinions of the authors. The essays are usually 1 to 3 pages long, dealing with real-life situations, understandings, and definitions from sources like Webster's dictionary, Wikipedia, but also those used by academics. If we are not understanding the words in the same light, it just makes it that much harder to communicate. 
We are looking to increase authorship and also have a website where you can post once approved, essays, news or experiences, you and others have within our judiciary. This site is more the political side.  

The goal is to share revenue profits with authors who generate the greatest readership. Write summaries, synopsizes, essays of various experiences, ideas, and principles so that you can share them with others. Perhaps readers would even like to see larger than typical book summaries. We The People now control the media. There is a great divide in political philosophy in this country and we attempt to provide some rational thoughts to those that actually read rather than sit in front of the boob tube and hope that intelligence and wisdom are telekinetically transferred. If you would like to submit an article, please send to