Request for Kerul Kassel - 2018-10-10

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George Schiro

Oct 10, 2018, 6:03:13 PM10/10/18
to gg
Mrs. Kassel,

I was reading minutes from the July 26, 2018 Harmony CDD meeting (see 1st

Ms. Kris van der Snel stated:

I would like to thank the Board for their actions this
week. There was a resident threatening my husband, Mr.
Gerhard van der Snel, and some of the other field
staff, and I appreciate the Board’s fast action.

Supv Berube stated:

Those who were here last month will remember the
situation and we do not need to get into any further
details. For those who witnessed it, you got a feeling
for what has been going on, and we hope it has been
handled appropriately; if not, we will take further

Supv Kassel:

For anyone interested, the conversation was recorded
pretty much verbatim in the minutes, which are
available online at If you want
to see what happened and judge for yourself, feel
free to go there.

I looked in the previous month's minutes (2nd attachment). I could find
nothing about threats to Gerhard van der Snel. In fact, the word "threat" is
nowhere to be found.

Can you please direct me to the verbatim minutes you were referring to?


George Schiro

George Schiro

Oct 11, 2018, 6:48:24 AM10/11/18
Kerul Kassel responded on Nextdoor:

If you would like a response, please make the full
request here, and not as a link to your Google Group.

Additionally, how you end your post here ("Always
remember, there is more than one side to every story"),
which is the same final sentence as most of your posts
here on Nextdoor, indicates that you are trying to
disprove other people's opinion's or statements but are
unwilling to put the content here on Nextdoor. Why is
this the case?

As I think you are well aware Mrs. Kassel, you have censored at least a
half-dozen posts on Nextdoor (that I am aware of). Linking to original posts
on the Google Newsgroup is the only way to guarantee the material is not
expunged from Harmony history forever.

Trying to "disprove other people's opinion's or statements" is not really
what this is all about. It's more about documenting facts that those in
authority find inconvenient to have discussed openly. It's all about the
other side of the story that some would prefer remain hidden.

George Schiro

Oct 11, 2018, 12:42:14 PM10/11/18
Did you get the impression CDD Supervisor Kerul Kassel was being sincere and
genuine when she wrote this last night:

Kerul Kassel on Nextdoor (see previous post):

If you would like a response, please make the full
request here, and not as a link to your Google Group.

Yet within a matter minutes (at 6:56 am this morning) after I acceded to her
demand (at 6:48 am this morning - and copied the full text of my request to
Nextdoor) she did this:

From: Nextdoor []
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2018 6:56 AM
Subject: Content you posted has been reported

Hello George,

A message you posted was reported and removed for
violating Nextdoor's Community Guideline: Be Helpful,
not Hurtful: Personal dispute.

If you have concerns about why your content was
reported or removed, do not post about it in the main
newsfeed. Here’s what you can do:

Review the Community Guidelines

Contact your Leads

Read more about best practices for posting on Nextdoor
in our Help Center.

Here is the message that was reported:

"Request for Kerul Kassel - 2018-10-10"

Posted on Oct 10, 2018

Thank you,
The Nextdoor Team

Thus my original "Request for Kerul Kassel - 2018-10-10" post (plus her
response) was summarily removed (without warning) from Nextdoor.

This is just one more egregious example of the rampant censorship documented
previously (see "Censorship in Harmony - Confirmed", ).

Clearly, Kerul Kassel has appointed herself Harmony's "Censor in Chief" and
will brook no dissent or even questions from the citizens or Harmony (or at
least anyone who criticizes the developer or the Harmony CDD or her more
specifically (see "The Interview (on the Harmony Horse Amenity)", ).
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