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Egor Kloos

Aug 31, 2006, 9:38:38 AM8/31/06
to Happy Clog

Hoewel dit een zeur berichtje is op The Register in eigenbelang is het
wel een treffend perceptie. Kleine groepen zijn hoe overduidelijk dan
ook... eh, klein.

And so this group could start discussing in English, to allow a larger
group access to our knowledge and hangups. The Happy Clog site could be
in either language. Personally I'd prefer this because my own site is
(or rather will be) in English. I could adapt articles more quickly to
post on that convergence site. You could even publish English and Dutch
feed titles grouped seperatly on the homepage.

Just a thought.

Egor Kloos

Martin Reurings

Sep 1, 2006, 3:34:04 AM9/1/06
to Happy...@googlegroups.com
Although I agree that most discussion that will concern actual standards
I am not sure if it is relevant to the current discussions that concern
mostly Happy Clog and it's existence or form there of. It may sound
strange but I vote finding out what we're gonna do with Happy Clog and
get back to the how of it after that.
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