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Jan 10, 2008, 10:37:29 AM1/10/08
to HiR Information Report
Check out Squid Guard:

Squid is an open-source proxy. You'll have to set up a firewall rule
to route all web traffic through Squid, or push out a rule to all
desktops to force them to use your squid proxy. From there, Squid
Guard acts as a URL Filter and has a reporting piece. I haven't used
squid guard on my Squid proxies, but I've used Squid quite often, and
it works well.

On Jan 10, 9:22 am, Hitman <> wrote:
> Anyway i've been looking for a multi purpose network monitor kind of like
> smartfilter but with more features. there is zenworks but its like 2+ GB and
> i havent been convinced by its filtering tool ie (smart filter is much
> better)
> I guess am if you know of a tool or tools (that are not HUGE) that i can use
> to filter web access view what users are up to and monitor my bandwidth
> usage. I'll put some emphasis on the open sourse part.
> Thanks alot for your assistance thus far


Jan 11, 2008, 1:19:35 AM1/11/08
Cheers. You are a life saver. I'll download it and run a few tests over the weekend.
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