Containment, Chapter 2 (Fan story)

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Jul 10, 2018, 10:01:38 AM7/10/18
to Gwyllion

Far from Ishtar IX, Devon Powell, CEO of Paralaxia Bio-Medical sat at his desk, observing the current developments across the galaxy as a sour look planted itself firmly on his face. “Amazonian sluts…” He muttered as another story about the liberation of Kentauris flashed across his screen. “Everyone knows they lost an entire legion, and they still spin it as a victory, and I don’t know whose worse, them or those fucking space communists.” The 38 year old Terran let out an annoyed scoffed before throwing his coffee cup at the screen, cracking it as the mug seemingly disintegrated.


“Uh, sir, we did manage to recover several feral species from the planet…” One of his aides interjected, trying to soothe the ire and rage of his boss. “They’re currently at Research Site…” He found Powell’s hand curling around his throat as he was lifted up from his seat. “You know the rules, we never mention R&D!” Powell said, his dropping to a deadly whisper before he tossed the frightened aide back in his seat like a rag doll. “Well, now that we’re on That subject, I don’t want any of what’s about to be said to leave this room.” Powell tapped a button on his data slate and a slight electric hum could be heard coursing throughout the room. “Now, what is the new data coming from Ishtar.”

None of the aides were too eager to reveal what had transpired several hours earlier, but it had to be said. “Sir, we lost contact with the base several hours ago. Prior to that, we received a heavy load of data from Dr. Sokolev and Dr. Harrow…” One of the aides squeaked, hoping that she could stave off Powell’s reaction, but much to the room’s surprise, there was no outburst, no screaming or throwing of people. Instead, Powell furrowed his brow and let out an exasperated sigh. “What happened?” One week earlier

Dr. Samantha Harrow sat in the control room with half a dozen other staffers, monitoring the progress of Dr. Sokolev’s team. Looking around the room, Harrow could see that there was a fair bit of discomfort in the faces of the control staff, but when dealing with creatures such as the Intai Juhen, it would have been troubling if there wasn’t. They observed Sokolev’s team through an array of cameras and drones hidden throughout the dome, simultaneously keeping track of the data flowing in from the trackers and taking notes on the various Inju creatures.

“Dr. Harrow, I think there’s a problem with one of the trackers. I keep losing contact with it, and when I do regain contact, it’s always appearing at different points in the dome.” Harrow looked at the terminal and glanced at the array of closed circuit screens situated in the front of the room from time to time. “Maybe it’s just the solar storm interfering with the comm pylons.” Harrow said, before other girls mentioned she had the same problems. “Okay, pull the trackers up on the main screen, let’s see what’s going on.” A large screen popped up with almost a dozen signatures, each one with a corresponding name and tag, but each one seemingly disappeared and reappeared at different points in the dome.

“This is not good.” Harrow muttered, unsure of how to deal with this problem. “Alright, we’re going to need to head in and try to figure out what’s going on. I’m willing to bet that it’s just the storm messing with our pylons, but just in case, I want combat drones to meet us at the gate.”

The other lab techs looked at each other with a hint of fear once they heard the request for combat drones. “A-alright, doctor. Will any of us need to go with you?” One particularly timid girl said. Harrow focused on the far side of the room where the voice had originated. The girl was about 25 and seemingly fresh out of university. Her skin was a light coffee colored and her accent indicated she was either Brazilia or the Federated States of Columbia. “To answer your question, Ms. Vasquez, yes. I will need several of you to come with me on this.” Harrow didn’t feel the need to justify herself, but looking across the room, she knew she had to in order to put some of the tension to rest. “You did design the pylons, right, Ms. Vasquez?” The girl looked down, seemingly trembling in fear as Harrow selected several more of her lab team to go with her into the dome.

After 30 minutes of delay and debate on how to handle this situation, the group arrived at the gate keeping the dome separated from the rest of the research station. Waiting for them were a dozen drones, some were the quadruped retrieval drones used to bring back Dr. Sokolev and her team. The others were bipedal combat drones, their sterile metallic frames bristling with armor as a particularly nasty piece of weaponry rested in their hands. “Alright, the combat drones will stay about fifteen paces in front of us while we stay with the retrieval drones. You also have a 9mm XM-25 combat pistol for self-defense. Hopefully we won’t have to use them, but in the off chance we have to, don’t point it at anyone else. Once you fire, you can’t take it back.” Harrow’s words seemed to echo with experience as the hydraulic hiss of the gate filled the room followed by the recycled air from the biodome.

The group stepped in inside and looked at the dirt clearing just beyond the gate. “Watch your step, it was right around here were Ms. Setsu was captured.” Harrow said, letting the combat drones go in first before she stepped into the dome. “Alright, follow me and keep your eyes on the motion trackers, we don’t want anything sneaking up on us.” The rest of her team entered alongside the retrieval drones. Some were confident in their odds of making it out, others were shaking like leaves, trying not to run back towards the gate.

Harrow watched the drones step into the underbrush, their mechanical heads scanning rhythmically from left to right as they disappeared into foliage. Harrow and her team followed, occasionally checking their trackers for any of the transmitter signals or any movement around them. Suddenly, the drones stopped and leveled their weapons, spreading out in a circle to protect harrow and her team. The girls shifted around nervously as the brush shook and shuddered around them. Suddenly, one of the drones vanished as a primal screech should be heard along with the sound of metal being crushed. One by one, each of the combat drones vanished into the trees and bushes as more screeches and bellows could be heard, echoing throughout the dome.

“Quickly, someone turn on the pheromones. Turn them on now.” Harrow said, trying to keep calm as she fumbled with the holster. However, one of the girls shrieked in fear as a set of tentacles wrapped around her leg and torso as it pulled her screaming into the brush. Shortly after, a blood curdling shriek was heard before it was silenced by the sound of something swallowing the poor girl. “RUN!” One of the girls shouted before darting off towards the gate. Most of the other girls followed suit as whatever was stalking Harrow’s group quickly followed suit. One by one, the terrified shrieks of the girls could be heard as they were captured by the various Inju monsters.

Seeing an opportunity to escape and figuring it would be better to head away from whatever was hunting them, Harrow lead the rest of her team deeper into the dome. This bought Harrow some time to formulate an actual plan, but her decision was not without its flaw. As her group trudged through the malformed forest, several girls in Harrow’s group were snatched up by a type of Inju Bioform that looked more like a plant-like octopus than anything else that had been observed in the station.

The first that Harrow knew about this was when one of the girls nearby let out a terrified shriek as she was lifted into the air by a massive tentacle. Before long several other tentacles were seen flailing in the air, snatching up several of Harrow’s assistants as a gaping, toothless mouth opened up next to her. Dozens of tendrils slithered out, waving in the air as one of the girls dropped into the awaiting swarm. Harrow watched helpless as the tendrils slithered beneath the girl’s cloths and into her mouth, silencing her as the fleshy maw closed around her still struggling body.

“DR. HARROW! HELP!” Another girl cried before she was dropped into another batch of writhing tendrils. Seeing no other option, Harrow fled deeper into the dome, continuing on with her plan to make it to one of the safety bunkers located in the center of the dome. If anything, she would be the one to survive this experience and she would be the one to ream out her corporate supervisors this debacle.

The sounds of screaming slowly faded away as Harrow neared the center of the dome, well aware of the dangers that lurked nearby. Suddenly, she felt something wet drip onto her shoulder as a slight tingling sensation began to radiate from where the drop landed. Looking up, Harrow was met with a mix of arousal and fear as she saw almost a dozen figures cocooned beneath a leather sac looking monstrosity. “Dr. Sokolev. Nice to know you’re still hanging around.” Harrow said, unsure why she made such a quip but not bothering to think too hard on it.

After almost two hours hiking through the dome, Harrow found the entrance to the security bunker. From there, she could request a better armed and better organized response team to retrieve her and Dr. Sokolev’s team. Harrow’s could wait a little while longer, especially since these new bioforms could pose a serious threat to the safety of the facility. But, she wouldn’t get a chance to radio for help. Out of the bushes, a massive, squid like tentacle shot out and wrapped itself around her waist.

Harrow only had a split second to register what was going on before she could feel herself being pulled into the bushes before she could see her assailant. What she saw left a sinking feeling in her stomach as any attempt to resist was snuffed out by complete despair. The monster appeared to be a crustacean of some sort, with six lobster like legs and half a dozen tentacles curled around its snout. Harrow saw a set of grizzly looking claws set on either side of its fleshy, toothless maw. Harrow watched the cavernous mouth grow larger as the claws shredded her shirt before a dozen tentacle like tongues gripped her firmly and pulled her in head first.

Harrow couldn’t even scream as the hot, sticky flesh molded around her as it swallowed her, its chitenous claws making short work of her pants as slick tentacles slithered over and in between her rather prominent ass and wrapping around her legs. Soon, there was no trace of Dr. Samantha Harrow as the creature wandered towards the exact center of the dome, satisfied it had captured another human.

Inside the monster, harrow was deposited into a large, fleshy chamber where two other girls rested, their heads completely encased in the wall of flesh, save for a single tentacle sticking out where their nose and mouths would be. Their arms and legs were also trapped, leaving their torsos protruding from the wall like some sort of obscene gloryhole. However, it was the tentacles latched onto their breasts and pushing into their slit and asshole that really worried her.

“Oh god… what is this thing?” She thought, curling into a fetal position to avoid ending up like her two unfortunate colleagues. However, this only worked for so long as tentacles began slithering out from folds and holes in the wall opposite her. They snaked and wormed their way towards her as Harrow made the mistake of trying to escape. The first step she took sunk into the flesh as a sickening slurp echoed throughout the cramped space. Her second ended the same as tentacles began slithering up her legs and wrapping around her arms as they tried to immobilize her.

“Get off me!” Harrow yelled, trying to fend off the tentacles with punches and slaps, however, the more she resisted, the more showed up. Soon, there was nothing else she could do as her arms were engulfed by a pair of particularly thick tentacles and her body was forced against the soft, malleable flesh. From there, Harrow could only whimper in submission as the tentacles began their devious work.

Harrow felt a tentacle curl around her neck as it slithered up and around her head before appearing in front of her face. Harrow felt the tentacle squeeze as her breath grew short and shallow as the tentacle forced its way into Harrow’s mouth before it loosened up around her neck. The tentacle’s phallic shape and taste in some way brought about a sort of calming sensation as it pushed deeper down Harrow’s throat, ignoring the gag reflex as she let out a muffled groan. Soon, other tentacles began worming their way around her, pleasuring her as their opaque, white slime dripped across every inch of her body.

“It’s trying to break me…” Harrow thought, trying to retain some measure of control before her nipples and breasts were greedily engulfed by two tentacles that slithered around her torso and behind her back. She couldn’t help but moan louder as the feeling of the tentacles brought her to the peak of pleasure, their sucker like mouths squeezing and toying with her supple breasts as the feelers inside yanked and pulled at her erect tits.

As this happened, two more tentacles slipped between her legs and latched onto her clit and asshole, gently suckling and teasing both as Harrow bucked and yelped as the feeling hit her like a tidal wave. She was slowly losing her will to resist as the feeling increased in intensity as the flesh around her head began to creep over her. She screamed and moaned in a mix of fear and arousal as the tentacle in her mouth began thrusting, pushing further down her throat as she felt something push its way into her esophagus.

Soon, all Harrow saw was complete darkness as the feelings from her crotch and breasts intensified further, sending out another series of squirming and moaning as the tentacles teasing her ass slowly eased itself inside. The feeling was maddening as Harrow felt every bump and every ridge on it as it methodically pushed deeper and deeper inside her gut before rapidly pulling itself out. This was motion was repeated two or three more times before she felt one push past the lips of her slit, slowly inching itself deeper into her pussy as the bumps and ridges brushed against her g spot in no discernible pattern.

The thrusting continued, pushing Harrow to the brink of orgasming with each repetition. “This thing’s torturing me… t-trying to grind me down. I-I won’t let it… I won’t let it break me.” She thought, trying to retain her sanity despite the sheer amount of pleasure clouding her mind. However, she was slipping and the creature knew it. The tentacles renewed their assault, pushing deeper and deeper into her at a faster pace as her clit and tits were teased and tormented to a new degree. Harrow could barely hold back as she moaned into the tentacle pushing down her throat. Finally, she felt her orgasm roll over her like a tsunami of raw pleasure and ecstasy. However, the tentacles continued their assault, pushing her to ever further heights of pleasure as thicker tentacles bullied their way into her slit and ass.

Harrow felt the disjoined rhythm of the thrusts reverberating throughout her body as the creature seemingly displayed a debased intelligence in the way it was torturing her before hot liquid filled her womb and ass. Harrow was left exhausted, physically and mentally as she tried to recuperate whatever mental sanity she had left. This reprieve didn’t last long, as she felt the tentacles in her slit slip out as the head of another pushed its way into her slit and into her cervix.

For a split second, Harrow wondered what the purpose of this one was before she felt a thick bulge in tentacle resting just outside her slit before it forced itself inside her. Harrow squirmed in agonizing pleasure as more bulges forced their way into her womb, each one sloshing around as her belly slowly expanded to fit the ever larger clutch. Soon, Harrow could barely find herself as she came with the each object that was deposited inside her, and she could hear similar muffled moans of tortured pleasure as the two other captives were subjected to the same treatment.

Finally, Harrow relents as her mind is absorbed by the feeling of pleasure radiating from her chest and thighs, all resistance ceasing as her body is turned into an incubator for future breeds of Inju creatures.

ExpendableGuard Entertainment

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to Gwyllion
So, I decided to post the full story here as well as on my tumblr and literotica accounts, hope y'all enjoy it and I apologize if I'm breaking any rules.
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