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Peter Anderson

Apr 29, 2022, 5:59:01 PMApr 29
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Dive Brief:

  • Nearly three out of five executives (58%) say their companies engage in “greenwashing” by exaggerating efforts to curb harm to the environment from their products, services or operations, according to a global survey sponsored by Google Cloud.
  • Many executives would “like to see better accountability and action” on sustainability, with 36% of respondents saying that their companies have measurement tools for quantifying sustainability performance and just 17% saying the measures are used to improve outcomes, Google Cloud said.
  • Thirty-five percent of U.S. executives, and 29% worldwide, agree with the phrase, “my company treats sustainability like a PR stunt,” according to the survey by Harris Poll of 1,491 CFOs and other executives in the C-suite or VP level across 14 markets.





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When I was born in 1947, the level of carbon dioxide

  in the atmosphere was 310 parts per million, barely

10% more than the 280 ppm in pre-industrial times.

     Today, CO2 levels are 415 ppm, 50% greater

          than when the Age of the Machine began.

      The last time CO2 levels were this high was

      2 million years ago, long before our species

    evolved and later left Africa, when the world's

seas were nearly 100 feet higher, and global surface

temperature was 11°F warmer, with beech trees at the

    South Pole, on a hot house planet incompatable

                       with human civilization.


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