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Aug 26, 2021, 3:33:48 PMAug 26
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The site isn’t ready yet, but we’re getting close. There are still pages that need filling out, so as with every site it’s still in progress…


I’m looking for any images and graphics that I can shamelessly steal from your site or your secret stash of useful composting eye-candy for  use as featured images and for various explainers on


If you have images you can send me (or link to me via Google Photos, Dropbox, etc) please send them to me directly rather than post on GreenYes so we don’t clog up other people’s emails. I will include photo credit on the page where they’re used, where appropriate. If you don’t require photo credit, please let me know.


Images I’m looking for include things like various enticing or compelling images of

·         home composting,

o   compost bin methods,

o   hands in compost,

o   new seedlings in compost,

o   fresh compost,

o   old compost,

o   compost ingredients,

o   vermicomposting,

·         municipal compost examples,

o   municipal compost sites, sales,

o   municipal organics diversion efforts,

o   small business compost sites, sales,

o   compost collection in multiple-dwelling units, urban and suburban settings,

o   local compost applied to parks,

o   streets, roadways and amenities by municipalities coming from local compost facilities,

·         diversion of compostable organics out of landfills,

·         Carbon Farming,

o   sites, strategies, before/after

·         Methane Emissions Reduction,

o   MER research eye-candy,

o   aerial GIS visuals showing striking examples of methane emission,

o   before/after aerial GIS images,

o   any examples of tools, gadgets, aircraft, satellites, etc. used to sense methane emissions for this type of research, i.e. MIR methodology, mass spectrometry, etc.

·         and legislation.

o   Images relating to pending or previously successful legislation diverting large scale compostable organics into composting facilities and out of landfills.


It really helps if the images are un-cropped, full-sized, very large original-size images that I can crop or reduce to fit on the site. If the image is already cropped and small, or pasted into an email instead of as an attachment, they may not work well when enlarged. JPEG’s should email fine as attachments directly to me. If you have original RAW images you’re willing to share, I can set up an ftp or google drive for sharing. (Probably too large to email.)


I’m particularly interested in any image that might capture the concept of reducing human-caused methane emissions.


Yours truly,





Chris Sparnicht

COOLNow Program Manager
A Program of Zero Waste USA |

@KCOOLNow or /KCOOLNow most social media


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