Adventure with straw/wood slat suitcase.

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Arthur Boone

Sep 17, 2021, 3:45:17 PMSep 17
to greenyes
In discarding a suitcase made of slits of wood held together with textile, the only non-degradable item I saw was the metal zipper.

So I cut that out and put the rest of the suitcase in pieces in the compost bin.

Any comments or corrections?

ARBoone, Center for Recycling Research, Berkeley

Nancy Poh

Sep 18, 2021, 12:52:17 AMSep 18
to Arthur Boone, greenyes
There are other ways other than that:

Extracted from "How to Recycle an Old Suitcase"
"contact your local recycler to see if they have a bulk pickup program that will offer to recycle your suitcase on your behalf. If that fails, TerraCycle, a consumer-waste recycle program, has its own luggage and travel bag recycling program. To participate, you’ll have to pay for a TerraCycle box to ship it (which won’t come cheap, as small boxes start at roughly $89). According to their website, however, they’ll separate the metals, fibers, plastics, and fabrics and recycle them for you, saving you from the effort of having to disassemble it on your own.?

Here is what you can do with hardcase luggage:
If you like to explore this option, you can find more ideas at Pinterest:

You can type what you want to recycle at this link and it will provide a guide. There is a link at the bottom to "List of Materials" which lis them in alphabetical order.:
However, I noticed that some links there are broken.

Enjoy your weekend.

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