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Oct 20, 2008, 1:14:49 PM10/20/08
to Google Web Toolkit

All images from my ImageBundle no longer appear in hosted mode when I
use the -noserver flag. Everything else works fine.

I've read this thread to no avail:-

In particular, I've made sure that the mosaic .png image is available
in my own server, hosted at the same dir as the main html and js

For example, if this is the URL in my hosted mode browser:-
I'm able to access my mosaic file at http://localhost:8080/70E6A40FF1B3B30F365C2323E43B518C.cache.png

However, the images from the bundle just do not appear in my app
within the hosted browser.

Any clues on what might be the problem? I'm using GWT 1.4.60.


Sumit Chandel

Oct 22, 2008, 6:25:47 PM10/22/08
Hi JY,

Did you also remember to host the clear.cache.gif file on your server while using hosted mode with the -noserver option? You should double-check to make sure that you've copied the resource over to your web server otherwise the ImageBundle technique won't work.

Also, as a reference for other resources you might need to copy and steps you need to follow to run hosted mode with the -noserver option, please check out the FAQ (link below) to make sure there aren't any other missing steps to run in hosted mode with -noserver.

Using hosted mode with the -noserver option:

Hope that helps,
-Sumit Chandel

Lee Chuen Yang, Jeremy

Oct 22, 2008, 10:51:29 PM10/22/08
Thanks Sumit.

Yes, I've read the FAQ to no avail. I've included clear.cache.gif and other necessary resources in the server. The ImageBundle images simply won't appear in my hosted browser.

To make sure that I do not miss out anything, I run my normal compile script to transfer all the client side resources to the server side. This will make sure that all the resources specified in the FAQ are made available in the server. Under this environment, I've no problems with accessing the application via a normal browser. But when I access it via hosted browser with -noserver option, the images in ImageBundles do not appear (ie. are transparent). The placeholders for the images are there though, ie. I can click on it and they receive Click Events. Just that they are all transparent.
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