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ujwal Chaudhari

Aug 11, 2023, 3:36:03 AM8/11/23
to GWT Users
Hi Team,

I have upgraded the Open liberty server version (v 23.0.0_601)  for my application.  However when we have deployed with the following combination of JDK : "version: 8.0.372_01" and OPEN LIBERTY: "version: 23.0.0_0601" we encountered the following error : 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'L') at YKc (cockpit-0.js:5701:31) at ZKc.$Kc [as Mg] (cockpit-0.js:10459:24086) at qVb.sVb [as Te] (cockpit-0.js:10455:10065) at Pw (cockpit-0.js:6863:79) at ax.bx [as Re] (cockpit-0.js:10454:7250) at XMLHttpRequest.eval (cockpit-0.js:6343:65) at Uj (cockpit-0.js:4445:29) at Xj (cockpit-0.js:6053:44) at XMLHttpRequest.eval (cockpit-0.js:6369:46) YKc @ cockpit-0.js:5701 $Kc @ c

I have tried below combination of jdk and open liberty, both conbinations are not working.
JDK version = 8.0.372_01 
Liberty Version = 23.0.0_0601 

JDK version = 11.0.19_701 
Liberty Version = 23.0.0_0601  

FYI the application is developed with GWT 2.10 version .  

Ujwal Chaudhari

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