GWT mortgage calculator - step by step v2

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Jun 15, 2006, 8:45:43 AM6/15/06
to Google Web Toolkit

We have version 2 of our GWT mortgage calculator up and running and
documented. You can see it running live on the Colorado HomeFinder

For those not fond of reading instructions, go straight to the source

Dan Moore is doing an outstanding job of coding this up and documenting
it for us on his blog. Here are links to the steps so far.

Step by Step: A Mortgage Calculator using GWT

Step #1: A Calculator with No Server Interaction

Step #2: A Calculator which retrieves data from a Java server process

Step #2a Creating the Server side components

Step #2b: Updating the GWT Client to communicate with the Server

We are having fun with this so we'll put together version 3 of the GWT
mortgage calculator in the next few days when we have time. We are
planning to add tabs for simple/advanced calculator options and if
there is interest we might also put together a version that doesn't
need expresso on the back. That way folks won't have to set up
expresso to get the example up and running and learn from it. Enjoy!

Colorado HomeFinder

Ed Burnette

Jun 15, 2006, 9:03:29 AM6/15/06
to Google Web Toolkit
Nice example. I've added it to the gwtPowered list:
Let me know if you have any corrections.


Jun 16, 2006, 12:03:38 PM6/16/06
to Google Web Toolkit

Thanks for putting together that list. It's a wonderful resource.

We'll make sure folks will be able to find the mortgage calculator in
the spots you linked to down the road.


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