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Guillen Antonio

Nov 1, 2021, 1:41:25 PM11/1/21
to GWT Users
I've been struggling for days to display a list of objects in an editor using UIBinder.

But I can't figure out which class to use and even less how.

Here are some code snippets:

The UIBinder file
<!-- EventImplEditor.ui.xml file -->
<!DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "http://dl.google.com/gwt/DTD/xhtml.ent">
        .widget {
           margin: 30px;
   <m:MaterialDialog ui:field="dialog" width="300px)">
      <m:MaterialContainer ui:field="container" width="300px)" addStyleNames="{style.widget}">
                <m:MaterialButton  ui:field="exit" text="Exit"/>
    <m:MaterialTextBox ui:field="name" label="Name" iconType="FACE" />
    <m:MaterialTextBox ui:field="graphID" label="GraphID" iconType="FACE" />
    <m:MaterialPanel ui:field="MaterialPanelCombo2">
    <m:MaterialPanel ui:field="MaterialPanelCombo3">
    <m:MaterialPanel ui:field="MaterialPanelCombo4">
    <m:MaterialPanel ui:field="MaterialPanelCombo5">
    <m:MaterialPanel ui:field="MaterialPanelCombo6">
    <!-- Here I tried to put List box  but no result -->
    <g:ListBox ui:field="canBeusedBy" />

The Editor Java file

package com.lacen.gwt.spot.client.ui.mvp.editors.generated;
 import com.google.gwt.core.client.GWT;
 import com.google.gwt.editor.client.Editor;
 import com.google.gwt.editor.client.SimpleBeanEditorDriver;
 import com.google.gwt.event.dom.client.ClickEvent;
 import com.google.gwt.uibinder.client.UiBinder;
 import com.google.gwt.uibinder.client.UiField;
 import com.google.gwt.uibinder.client.UiHandler;
 import com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.Composite;
 import com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.Widget;
 import com.lacen.event.Event;
 import gwt.material.design.client.ui.MaterialPanel;
 import com.lacen.gwt.spot.client.ui.mvp.editors.ComboBoxEnum;
 import gwt.material.design.client.ui.MaterialDialog;
 import gwt.material.design.client.ui.MaterialTextBox;
 import com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.ListBox;
 import java.util.List;
 import com.lacen.gwt.spot.client.ui.mvp.editors.ListValueSpot;
 import com.lacen.users.Stakeholder;
 import com.lacen.organisation.Action;
 * Create an editor to describe a event.
 * @author Antonio
 public class EventEditor extends Composite implements Editor<Event> {
      /** The Constant driver. */
      // Editor driver
      private static final EventDriver driver = GWT.create(EventDriver.class);
      * The Interface EventDriver.
      interface EventDriver extends SimpleBeanEditorDriver<Event, EventEditor> {
      /** The Constant uiBinder. */
      // UiBinder and fields
      private static final EventEditorUiBinder uiBinder = GWT.create(EventEditorUiBinder.class);
      * The Interface EventEditorUiBinder.
      interface EventEditorUiBinder extends UiBinder<Widget, EventEditor> {
      /** The dialog. */
      MaterialDialog dialog;
      /** The name */
      MaterialTextBox name;
      /** The graphID */
      MaterialTextBox graphID;
      /** The eventStatus */
      MaterialPanel MaterialPanelCombo2;
      ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.HandlingProgress> eventStatus;
      /** The relevance */
      MaterialPanel MaterialPanelCombo3;
      ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Relevance> relevance;
      /** The status */
      MaterialPanel MaterialPanelCombo4;
      ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.StatusEvent> status;
      /** The detectability */
      MaterialPanel MaterialPanelCombo5;
      ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Detectability> detectability;
      /** The criticity */
      MaterialPanel MaterialPanelCombo6;
      ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Criticality> criticity;
      /** The canBeusedBy */
      ListBox canBeusedBy;
      /** The initial object (Event). */
      private Event initialObject;
      * Instantiates a new Event editor.
      public EventEditor() {
           initWidget(uiBinder.createAndBindUi(this)); //// Create the UI of the Editor.
           eventStatus = new ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.HandlingProgress>("eventStatus", com.lacen.event.HandlingProgress.VALUES);
           relevance = new ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Relevance>("relevance", com.lacen.event.Relevance.VALUES);
           status = new ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.StatusEvent>("status", com.lacen.event.StatusEvent.VALUES);
           detectability = new ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Detectability>("detectability", com.lacen.event.Detectability.VALUES);
           criticity = new ComboBoxEnum<com.lacen.event.Criticality>("criticity", com.lacen.event.Criticality.VALUES);
           dialog.open(); //// Visualize the editor.
      * Initialize and fill in the editors fields with the Event properties.
      * @param obj the Event.
      public void edit(Event obj) {
           this.initialObject = obj;
           driver.initialize(this); //// Initialize the driver
           driver.edit(this.initialObject); //// Fill the editor with the object
      * Exit the editor closing the dialog.
      * @param event the event
      public void onExitSelect(ClickEvent event) {

In my Event object model, "canBeusedBy" is the name of a "Stakeholder" list that I want to display in the ListBox.

When I call my editor everything is displayed but not the list?  Here after a copy of the editor displayed:

Do you have an idea, a specific example with a list of objects.

Thank you for your help.


Craig Mitchell

Nov 3, 2021, 5:50:16 PM11/3/21
to GWT Users
I'm not familiar with the material UI.  However, I can see you're missing the "@UiField" on your ListBox declaration.  ie: It should be:
@UiField ListBox canBeusedBy;

Then you call just call "addItem" to add some items into the list.  See http://samples.gwtproject.org/samples/Showcase/Showcase.html#!CwListBox for more detail.

Guillen Antonio

Nov 4, 2021, 3:51:20 AM11/4/21
to google-we...@googlegroups.com
Hi Graig,
Thanks for your proposal. But even adding the tag @UiFieldI nothing is displayed.


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