why is "Google Hosted Libraries" using gzip compression level 5?

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Hans Henrik Bergan

May 9, 2020, 8:23:23 AM5/9/20
to Google AJAX APIs
these libraries only needs to be compressed once, after that they can be served pre-compressed thousands, or even millions of times, right? 
so i would imagine they'd use gzip -9 to minimize bandwidth usage, and make the library load as fast as possible, but testing on
it seems that file is served with gzip compression level 5... why? that would make sense if they're compressing the file on-the-fly for every request and they're trying to minimize cpu-utilization, but storing it pre-compressed would use way less cpu anyway, so that probably isn't it.. why is it served using gzip -5?

Philipp Wollermann

May 12, 2020, 10:35:37 AM5/12/20
to Google AJAX APIs

good question. I'll try to find out and will get back to you here, but I won't have time for it before next Monday. I've put this on snooze so I don't forget - but if I do, please feel free to ping me again here!

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