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Doing the Father's Affairs

Luke 2:41-52

It is quite interesting  a woman who asked God for a son would actually make real her promise to offer him as the Lord's servant.

In the Gospel, Jesus' answer when his parents questioned him about not following them: "Did you not know I must be busy with my Father's affairs?

The very task of the family in line with the readings seem to point to the task of every parent to see to it that the children are doing God's work here on earth.  This same task of Joseph and Mary produced the Messiah in Jesus Christ.  How can we rear the children to be open to God's will?

First, every family needs to consciously root themselves in God and His Church.  The Church is a community of families called to serve God at the outset.

Second, every member needs to know his/her role in the work of evangelization.  PCP 2 of the Philippine Church lays down the roles as follows:  the father is the image of the Holy Father and example to his children and beyond the family circle; the mother learns from Mary’s role as virgin and mother in the history of salvation; and the children are the present and future of the Church.

We should all be busy doing the Father's affairs.

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