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God's power vs. man's power

Luke 21:20-28

God showed his mighty power by saving Daniel in the den filled with lions while those who accused Daniel were pounced upon by the lion even before they could reach the floor.

In the Gospel, Jesus warned us of the imminent destruction of Jerusalem before the coming of the Son of Man, in a cloud with power and great glory.

Let us reflect on God's power vis-a-vis our own.

Power does not come from us; rather, it comes from the One who has the power to create and give order to the universe.  His power heals and unifies.  But our sense of power can sometimes be used to destroy, divide, and hurt people.

God's power is also his justice.  His power is just; he will reward the upright.  Man's power corrupts; consequently it is meant to proliferate sin, greed, and selfishness, and pride.

God's power in Jesus saves and liberates us from sin so we can all become sons and daughters of God.  Our power enslaves us further to sin and eventually puts us to the pits of hell.

Only in admitting that we are powerless can God's power come into our lives.  But if we claim we have power on our own, we cannot be saved.

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