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Oct 2, 2019, 10:31:38 PM10/2/19
to Gmail-Users
I'm unclear as to how "sharing your drive with a family member" works.

My wife and I both have free gmail accounts.  We are both maxed out close to 15Gb each.

My question:  If I purchase (say) a 200 Gb plan, My understanding is that my limit for drive, photos and emails will increase from 15Gb to 200Gb and I won't have to do anything (apart from paying the bill).  Can I then share this with her, such that our combined holdings (my/her drive, photos, emails) have a limit of 200 Gb?  Is that how it works?


Sean Murphy

Oct 3, 2019, 8:55:20 AM10/3/19
to gmail-users
You designate which folders you want to share, and in some cases how much control you want to give (not in the case you describe tho) and that determines how much your wife has in this case. I didn't see anything in the help article I skimmed about a limit to how much you could share, so while technically it doesn't work exactly like you ask, in actual fact you are exactly right - you would both have a combined total of 200 between the two of you. Here is the link to the article I found with more details and instructions:
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